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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Carly meets Jax and Josslyn at the hospital and wonders why the two are there.  Jax tells her Joss' fever spiked and she was sick.  He says Terrell has taken some tests and put a rush on them.  Jax feels badly that he didn’t notice how sick Joss was getting. 


Jake manages to open the front door, go outside and get hit by a car, all before Liz has a chance to get to him.

Lucky wonders if Siobhan has changed her mind, but she’s worried she’s being selfish by asking him to sacrifice for her.  He wants her to stay in PC, so they can see where their relationship goes. The justice calls them in and Luke shows up at the last minute to be their witness. However, before the ceremony gets underway, Lucky gets a call from Liz saying Jake’s been hit by a car and brought to the hospital. 

Robin gets to the hospital with the syringe.  Lisa claims it’s a fake syringe that Robin picked up.  Robin explains to Patrick that she found the syringe at the Star, but Lisa denies everything.  Steven confronts them about their arguments, but a nurse interrupts, informing him that Jake is en route to the hospital.

Dante’s angry at Michael actions and reminds him that he could have accidentally shot him before he realized it was Michael.  Jason gets the call from Lucky that Jake’s been brought to the hospital. 

Brenda wants to know where her honeymoon is going to be.  After a few guesses, turns out they’re going to Italy.  Brenda says she doesn’t want Sonny to spend their entire time trying to find Theo.  He assures her he won’t let anyone hurt her. 

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Theo is looking for his grandson with Suzanne, who apparently told him the child existed and where he was located.  The entire Balkan/BrenSon mess should have either already played out or been delayed 'til after the Jake/Joss story. 

Carly assures Jax that Joss will be fine and they’ll work out a decent custody agreement.  Terrell arrives with news that Joss has blood in her urine and wants a CAT scan, because he thinks she has tumors on her kidneys.  CarJax are shocked that their daughter might have cancer.  Terrell tells them if it’s just one kidney they can take it out, but if it’s both, she’ll need chemo and that a transplant is a long shot. 

Liz begs Steven to let her in the room with Jake, but he stops her from going in and asks her to let Patrick and Robin do their job.  Liz apologizes to Lucky, saying she was preoccupied, since she didn’t have dinner ready for them. 

Jason and Michael show up and ask Robin about Jake's condition.  Robin tells them he's critical due to head trauma, but their doing everything they can.  Steven tells Jason it was a hit and run, but asks Jason to steer clear of Liz.  Michael reassures Jason that both of them have survived head traumas and so will Jake.

Luke tells Siobhan that Lucky will need her now and to call him when there’s news.  Tracy meets Luke at the Star. When Luke starts talking about how happy Lucky was, Tracy wonders what happened.  Luke tells her that Jake was hit, and also lets the cat out of the bag that Jake is Jason’s son.  Tracy is shocked to hear that Jake is a Quartermaine, but Luke assures her that he’s Lucky’s son. He wonders how a parent gets over the death of a child.  And darn it if it wasn’t Tony Geary that got the tears rolling for me.

Carly calls Michael about Josslyn.  He shows up, but doesn’t tell her about Jake.  Michael is shocked to hear Joss’ diagnosis, but Carly assures him that they’re still waiting for the test results. 

Jason leaves a voice message for Sam, who shut off her phone when she had a bad headache. 

Again, Liz begs Steven to let her see Jake, but he insists he’s in good hands and that Patrick and Robin are prepping for surgery. 

Closing montage: CarJax and Michael waiting with Josslyn,  Patrick and Robin getting ready in the OR,  Liz and Lucky waiting while she caresses Jake's shirt,  Sam listening to Jason's message and Jason watching the OR.