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One Life to Live Recap: Desperado

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Viki:  As much as it grieves me to say this, because God knows I love my daughter and I want her to be well... she is not well.  She’s clearly had a major relapse, and as a result of it, I am very afraid for her sanity and for the safety of her child.  Unfortunately, we’ve had cruel experience with this.


The judge is clueless to Jessica’s history as Viki insists Tess is not her daughter.  Nora explains: Jessica suffers from D.I.D. and Tess is an alter who is “unstable at best”; everything she says is a lie.  Tess takes the stand, claiming the custody fight is punishment for “marrying the man [she] love[s].”  Ford smirks as Clint chimes in that he helped Ford regain his job after being rightfully fired, and Ford accuses Clint of having him beaten.  Nora interjects that Tess and Ford share a loveless marriage, and leaving her son after the truth came out is proof of her instability.

Accusations are being hurled in all directions, but Nora insists Clint hasn’t been convicted of any crimes.  Clint believes Ford is only after Ryder’s trust fund, and when Ford claims otherwise, he accidentally calls Tess by that name.  Tess lies that she split for “one or two days” following the wedding debacle, but she’s Jessica again.  She openly blames Viki for causing her D.I.D., and informs the judge that Viki’s marriage is in trouble and Clint is a criminal. 

Nora presses for a psychiatric evaluation, but the judge wants to hear from Viki.  He appreciates her composure, but wonders if she really believes in Jessica’s mental illness.  She explains that when Nash died, Tess tried to kill Natalie and caused the death of Chloe.  As the judge calls a recess, Clint taunts Ford that he blew it.  Nora pulls Clint away, unconvinced he won’t be slapped with a restraining order.  Clint balks, but Nora is on Viki’s side, and when they’re through, she plans to throw Clint in jail to keep him away from Ryder. 

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Rex tries to assure David that Dorian hasn’t moved on, but David won’t listen.  He could’ve died, and Rex is a con man only trying to infringe on the family.  Rex is a Buchanan, as much as David.  David thinks Rex is his brother, Cain versus Abel, but Bo explains Rex is Clint’s son.  He and Clint hate each other and Rex stands firm on David’s side, but he worries Clint will wriggle out of the charges yet again.  David has “a banana and a mango,” so it’s time to go.

Viki noticed Tess struggling to keep Jessica at bay, but she wonders about Tess’ implication regarding Echo and Charlie.  Tess advises her to ask her “BFF, Dorian Lord.”  Tess is going out, but Ford doesn’t want her ruining the case; she thinks he already accomplished that.  Viki tells Nora about Tess’ insinuation, and Nora advises her to talk to Dorian.  Nora promises to call when she hears from the judge, but Bo and Rex arrive and arrest Clint on behalf of David.

Dorian creates a “funeral pyre” in a “sanctified” silver punch bowl.  Cutter is honored to bear witness to her burn David out of her system.  She tosses in meaningful items, but freezes when she notices Cutter sporting an oven mitt used in an old sexual exploit; that gets burned as well. 

It’s “onward and upward,” and Dorian’s first order of business is to de-friend David, however steam billows from her ears when she sees that David’s status is “in a hawt relationship with Alex Olanov.”  Cutter tries to reign in Dorian, but she pushes him onto her bed.  They are both using each other for their own purposes, and they shouldn’t spoil it by lying.  Cutter removes his shirt.  Dorian asks that he make her forget about David, who barges in as they kiss.

Dani shrieks about Todd until Starr yells at her and Tea implores her to stay calm.  Jack wonders if Todd is dead, but the doctor informs them that Todd is in a coma.  Blair sends Tea in first as Dani and Jack get into an argument, and Dani feels badly that Jack is crying.  As Tea tries to goad Todd into waking up, Blair reassures the boys. 

Starr comforts Dani, who wanted Todd to suffer for scaring her, but not like this.  Jack and Sam debate who is Todd’s favorite until Tea walks out, needing a minute alone.  Blair goes in, ordering Todd to “cut it out” because she can’t raise the kids alone.  Blair returns and Tea wonders if Todd woke up for Blair just to spite Tea.  Dani is jarred when she thinks Todd squeezed her hand.  Starr begs him to do it again, but it was just a twitch.

Jack orders Sam not to tell anyone that Jack cried or Jack will hang Sam out the window by his ankles as he’s apparently done before.  Tea is the strongest woman Blair knows, and Blair insists Todd needs her.  Jack suggests a prayer, and the family follows his lead.  Tea doesn’t think anyone knows Todd the way she does, recounting the “fun” they had at the cabin, while begging Todd to wake up.