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One Life to Live Recap: If I Had A Rocket Launcher


Dorian:  David?  Your resume could list 'shallow superficiality' as a special talent.

Even though his name is cool, David throws Cutter out of Dorian’s bedroom, certain he’s only after Dorian’s money.  Dorian wonders why David cares, and he reveals that Clint kidnapped him.  She questions Clint’s motives, but David assures her that Clint is evil and wanted to punish them both.  Bo rescued David, and it’s his cracked hands that finally convince her. 

David accuses Dorian of betraying him, but given his track record, Dorian thinks her assumptions have been understandable.  He’s disappointed that she doubted him, but Dorian counters that his own history allowed her to be easily swayed by Clint’s clever lies.  She refuses to claim that Clint is smarter than her, but she does apologize to David.

She’s a “hot-blooded woman” who needed to move on, but she’s happy to have David back.  She patronizes and seduces him until he relents, and they make love.  Besides Dorian, David thought about food and a shotgun.  Although he took a vow of non-violence, he’s already tried to kill Rex, who Dorian believes was acting in his own self-interest.  Dorian goes to get champagne, as an angry David reads MyFace.  When Dorian returns, David is gone.

Viki believes Bo and Nora’s claims, but Clint insists there’s no evidence.  David is a con man who racked up an impressive tab in St. Blaze’s, according to Alex.  It’s David’s word against Clint’s, but Bo has a witness.  Viki is shocked when Clint makes threats against Khalid, but Clint vows that his conscience is clear. 

Rex can corroborate David and Khalid’s statements, but Rex is an accessory.  When Clint implies that he framed Rex, Viki blasts him for sneaking onto her property and acting so hateful toward his son.  Rex punches Clint, and Clint orders Bo to arrest the “punk” for assault among other things.  Bo refuses, and Clint vows to take Rex down with him if Bo presses the issue. 

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As Clint leaves, Nora and Viki fill in Bo on the custody case, which would go up in smoke if Clint is convicted of a felony.  Viki is sympathetic to Bo’s plight, but she knows Clint loves Jessica, and Jessica and Ryder are the priority right now.  Rex encourages Bo to arrest Clint anyway, even if Rex gets into trouble as well, and he promises to testify. 

Bo and Nora prefer to prioritize the custody case and get their “ducks in a row” before proceeding.  Viki reminds Rex that as Clint’s ego continues to inflate, he will become reckless and they’ll be able to nail him, possibly for murder.  Rex will help any way he can.

Tess blows into Capricorn, and Kelly wants to call Joey, but Cristian advises her to move on.  Tess wants a drink, but Cris refuses to serve her alcohol, so she attempts to score drinks from other patrons.  Ford arrives in time to stop Tess from drinking, as Kelly decides to call Joey because Ford is only enabling Tess. 

Ford hovers and Tess insults him, wanting to find a man with “an edge.”  Cutter walks in, and Tess likes what she sees.  His name sounds familiar to Ford, and Tess explains that he’s Aubrey’s brother.  Cutter and Kelly bicker, and he informs her of David’s return.  Kelly teases that he’ll need to find another heiress now. 

Rama moves into the mansion, but Joey’s concerned about Clint’s reaction, though Aubrey thinks Clint owes Rama.  Rama complains about her room, insisting she needs more space and a view of the gazebo.  Joey finds Rama to be rude, and he’s surprised Aubrey caters to her.  Kelly calls to inform Joey that Tess is out of control, and Joey races to Capricorn. 

Rama thinks Aubrey is losing her touch over men, but Aubrey advises her to be more grateful.  Nigel is annoyed that Rama remains unsatisfied, and when she wants to trade rooms with Aubrey because of the view, Nigel refuses to displace Joey. 

Clint returns home, and Aubrey reveals that Rama is their new houseguest before the women hightail it to Capricorn.  Clint asks Nigel to keep an eye on Aubrey, and he’s intrigued when Nigel shares an observation: Aubrey seems obligated to please Rama. Later, Clint is surprised when David bursts in brandishing a shotgun.

At Capricorn, Joey desperately appeals to Jessica to no avail.  Tess doesn’t consider Jessica’s family to be her own, so she advises Joey and Ford that Viki and Ryder, respectively, are their problems.  As Joey thanks Kelly, Aubrey and Rama show up, and seeing the closeness, Rama thinks Aubrey is right to spy.  Tess lies to Ford that she’s going to the bathroom, but she slips out the door and into an intrigued Cutter’s car.