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One Life to Live Spoilers: Joey is Suspicious of Aubrey!

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An engagement, a tryst, and new clues to a murder case will turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 21.

David/Dorian/Clint: David will bust into Dorian's room and find her with Cutter. David is going to throw Cutter out and tell the whole story about Clint keeping them apart. After a lot of talking, Dorian will believe David's story and the two loves make love. After, David will go after Clint with a gun. The two men have words and David will decide that Clint's simply not worth it. David will leave Asa's mansion with the idea to marry Dorian. On the way back to Dorians, David will run into Matthew. The two catch up and David is going to realize how loyal Matthew is to Clint. They end their conversation and Matthew will confront Clint about Bo and Nora's claim that he is behind Eddie Ford's murder. Clint is going to deny the accusation. Dorian will agree to marry David and asks Viki to be her matron of honor. However, before the week is out, David will inform Dorian that he can't marry her. Why can't David marry Dorian?

Aubrey/Joey/Rama/Kelly: Joey is going to suspect something fishy is up with Rama moving into Asa's mansion at the request of Aubrey. Aubrey and Rama will head to Capricorn, and discover Joey having a close conversation with Kelly. Joey and Kelly will discuss their concerns about Jessica being Tess. As their talking, Kelly will accidentally tell Joey about Aubrey and Ford dating in the past. Joey will take Kelly's information and ask Aubrey about her tendency to date rich men. Aubrey is going to come up with something to get Joey off her trail. She soon leaves to meet with Cutter. Speaking of Cutter, he and Tess will get to know each other better. Cutter and Tess kiss and it will more than shake Tess up. After Tess leaves, Aubrey will show up asking questions about Tess. Cutter will lie to Aubrey about Tess. After finishing his story, Cutter and Aubrey will have sex. However, Rex is going to interrupt them, looking for evidence to use against Clint in Eddie Ford's murder. Meanwhile, Joey will talk to Brody about Aubrey. Joey will tell Brody that he has several concerns about Aubrey dumping Ford like a bad habit because he was broke. Will Joey finally get a clue about Aubrey?

Ford/Tess/Cutter/Ryder: Cristian and Kelly are going to be talking about Capricorn being quiet when Hurricane Tess blows in looking to get lucky. Ford will be right behind Tess trying to get her to go home because of Ryder's custody hearing coming up soon. Naturally, Tess is not going to listen and sets her sights on Cutter. Tess will follow Cutter to his car and sneak inside. The two will get to know each other better and share a kiss. The kiss will be enough to turn Tess back into Jessica for a moment. Tess leaves Cutter hotel room and is going to end up taking a picture of Echo and Charlie kissing. Will Cutter completely fall for Tess' charms?

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Bo/Rex/Nora/Nigel: Bo and Rex are going to call out Clint on the kidnapping of David Vickers. Things don't go well and Rex and Clint will get into fistfight. The two are seperated and Rex is going to decree that he will find evidence that Clint murdered Eddie. Clint is hauled away and Bo and David will head to Asa's mansion to speak with Nigel. Bo and David will ask Nigel about Clint's misdeeds. Nigel will not be able to verify that Clint was at the murder scene, but he does reveal that Clint never came home that night.  Later, Rex and Nora will be making a timeline of events the night Eddie was murdered. Nora will try to remember what happened in the time between her car accident with Rex and when Bo found them. Nora will inform Bo that she must have been at the Minute Man Motel when Eddie was murdered. Rex will leave with the news to search for clues and walks into a porno movie shoot. In their old footage, Rex will see a shot of Clint leaving Eddie's motel room with a gun the night Eddie was murdered. Meanwhile, Nora will continue to remember the events of that night and place Clint at the Minute Man hotel. Will Bo, Nora and Rex be able to prove Clint murdered Eddie?

Viki/Charlie/Echo: Viki will ask Dorian about Tess' clue that she has information about Charlie and Echo. Dorian is not going to tell Viki. Charlie and Echo will continue their tryst. How will Viki find out about Charlie and Echo?

Brody/Natalie: Brody and Natalie will accidentally fall asleep on the couch together. When they wake up in the morning things will be very awkward. Natalie will go back to work and John will be surprised to see her. Natalie will inform John that she has had it with his attitude toward her and the two acknowledge they are friends only. The former couple will seem to be okay with their decision, until Kelly walks in the door. As usual, Natalie will tell Kelly what she thinks of her and storm off. (Side Note: I swear if I see Natalie get in Kelly's face one more time and Kelly doesn't slap her silly, I will riot!) When Natalie comes back, she is going to have a clue that CSI missed at the scene of Todd's shooting; a Euro. Will Natalie's be beneficial to the investigation?

Tea/Dani/Tomas/Blair/John: Tomas is going to attempt to see Todd, but Shaun, not knowing who he is, will attack Tomas. Tomas will give Shaun a kick to the family jewels as Tea and Dani walk in. Tea and Dani will inform Shaun about Tomas. Tomas will go to see Blair and they will bump into John. Blair is going to introduce the two men, but they will be interrupted by Gigi. Gigi, who now works at The Buenos Dias Cafe, will tell Tomas that he mistakenly gave her some Euros. John's interest will be peaked by the coincidence of Tomas giving Gigi some Euros and Euros being found at the scene of Todd's shooting. Blair will not making things any bettter when she tells John about the bad blood between Todd and Tomas. A little later, Blair will not feel comfortable when she sees Tomas standing over Todd's hospital bed. What is Tomas hiding?

Starr/James/Deanna: Starr is going to insert herself into James' job search on MyFace. Simultaneously, Deanna(James' old girlfriend) will be looking at James profile and learn that he's single and at the Buenos Dias. Deanna will head over there to see him, but she will become upset when she sees that he is kissing Starr. She will wait until he leaves to stalk his profile again. Deanna will see that James has updated his status to say he's in a relationship with Starr. Later on, James will reveal to Nate that he had a girlfriend in Ohio. How much trouble will Deanna cause for Starr and James?

Jack/Shane: Gigi and Blair will sulk together about their respective son's incident at school the past week. Speaking of Jack and Shane, the bullying will continue. Jack and his minions will show no mercy on Shane in the school gym. Jack will take Shane's inhaler and walk out of the gym. Dani will see Jack running away from the scene and rip him a new one for it. Meanwhile, Shane will be having a severe asthma attack in the gym. Gigi and Rex will be called to the school because of Shane's asthma attack. Shane will make up some lame excuse as to why he didn't have his inhaler, but Gigi and Rex will know that he is lying. A little later, Dani will ask Jack if he was responsible for what happened to Shane, but Jack will not admit to anything. Will Shane get the courage to tell someone about Jack bullying him before something terrible happens? 

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (March 28):

  • Brody and Natalie find solace in each other's arms.
  • Kourtney Kardashian debuts as Kassandra Kavanaugh.
  • Bo arrests Clint for Eddie's murder.
  • Viki sees the photo of Charlie and Echo kissing.
  • Due to peer pressure,Jack posts a naked video of Shane on MyFace.
  • Jessica makes another appearance when she sees Ryder.
  • Wendy Williams returns.
  • Echo tells Rex about Shane being bullied.