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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Ends Up In Amber's Bed!

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Oliver/Hope/Liam/Amber: Tawny and her offspring hatch a plan to keep Liam under their thumbs. Amber plans a dinner party inviting Liam, Hope and Oliver. Meanwhile, Oliver and Hope have a close moment during lunch where he admits he still cares for her. Amber's dinner party becomes an awkward affair for all. Hope is heartbroken when Liam and Amber talk about a ultrasound for the baby.

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Things look up for Hope when Liam kisses her. Later, Mr. Cooper is stunned when he wakes up in Amber's bed.  The parents-to-be make their first choice as co-parents. Amber's joy regarding her plans with Liam turns to panic when Carl comes back and issues  a threat. Hope has some things to say to Amber as well.

Taylor/Ridge/Brooke: The Chiseled One heads to Paris for an emergency business trip. Ridge must deal with a tough choice regarding his relationship with Brooke, while Taylor pushes him to wash his hands of her. Brooke is still not giving up on her man and heads to Paris with Stephanie in tow. Ridge finally makes a decision about his marriage and announces it to Brooke, Stephanie and Taylor leaving someone crushed.

Thomas: The Forrester heir gets some advice from Dayzee about his beef with Ridge. Steffy learns from Bill about Ridge pulling the Taboo line and has a showdown with Thomas. The two siblings duke it out, with Steffy throwing a serious accusation at Thomas. When Ridge returns from Paris, he and Thomas continue to be at odds.

Katie/Bill/Steffy: Dollar Bill is in hot water after Katie eavesdrops on him talking to Steffy about wanting to kill Amber. Katie questions Bill on if he really wanted to kill Amber and is crushed about his choice to entrust Steffy with his plot. Later, Bill rips Steffy a new one when she makes a decision he isn't okay with.

Katie decides to escape from Bill by bunking with Nick! Steffy feigns concern for Bill's marriage and offers to help. Things go from bad to worse when Steffy follows Katie to Nick's boat and snitches on her to Bill.  Steffy seizes the opportunity.