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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kate and Vivian Fight!

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Vivian: Madam Alamain has a crappy week. She bumps into Kate at a restaurant and continues to try to separate Stefano and Kate. Vivian tells Kate the Phoenix is keeping something from her, but Kate isn't buying what Viv is selling. The rivals get into a super catfight resulting in the ladies falling into a cake! Later, Vivian runs into Carly and tells her about Victor and Brady having her buried alive!

It seems Viv can't get any love, especially from Carly who doesn't give a flying fig about what happened to Vivian since she did the exact same thing to her over 18 years ago. Vivian rubs in Carly's face that Bo kicked her to the curb and heads off. Meanwhile, she tells Maggie to take a chance with Victor. Don't get it twisted kids, Vivian thinks the ultimate punishment for Victor is to have Maggie, since she feels the widow Horton is dull as dishwater.

Daniel/Jennifer: Ms. Deveraux decides to apply for the PR position Daniel recommended at Salem University Hospital. Jen decides to play matchmaker with Daniel and Carly, even though her bff told her not to. Carly decides enough is enough, tells Jen to back off and insists she's not interested in Daniel. Jen agrees and when Carly tells her once again she's not interested in Daniel, Jen considers this to be the green light for her to possibly start something with Dr. Jonas.

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Victor/Maggie: The widow Horton finally comes clean to Victor about her feelings at Chez Rouge. Maggie's confession shocks Victor, but in a good way. Watch for sweet scenes between the two.

Stefano/EJ: The two discuss their plans, but aren't aware Fay's listening in.

Victor: The Kiriakis patriarch helps a business associate out after Brady's strong-arm tactics are used.

Nicole: She shoots down Vivian's plea to join her in revenge against Kate.

CloneRafe/Sami:  Sami's spidey senses are on red-alert after CloneRafe's meltdown at the Salem PD. CloneRafe starts to figure out he's screwed up and "faints". Sami rushes him to the hospital. She thinks this latest health issue may be the reason why "Rafe" has been acting weird. Carly runs some test on "Rafe" and also feels something isn't right with him.

The results are back and "Rafe" is diagnosed with anxiety and hypoglycemia. Carly gives him anti-anxiety medication, but CloneRafe is adamant about not taking them. Naturally, Sami is not about to let that slide. She convinces Carly to give her the medication and decides to drug Rafe! Unfortunately, the drink Sami places the medication in is laced with booze CloneRafe slipped in and the two mixed together have him acting CRAY-CRAY! CloneRafe decides to confess all to Sami, but she doesn't understand what he's saying. Later, CloneRafe turns from funny to angry and Sami ponders what the hell is going on with "her husband".