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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kudos to all the actors in today’s episode! A special kudos to the young baby who plays Josslyn and her ability to just lie there quietly while the scenes went on around her.

Terrell tells CarJax that Josslyn has cancer. She has tumors in both kidneys that likely developed while in utero.  Carly wants to know how to save daughter.  Terrell mentions chemo, which Jax balks at due to the side effects and wonders about alternatives.  Terrell mentions a transplant, which is rare for a child so small. While they search for a donor, Terrell feels Joss should be started on a drug protocol right away and tells them to get on the same page.  Jax decides he wants to call in an expert and get a second opinion.  Carly’s in shock and is determined not to lose her daughter.

Siobhan watches from the window as Liz blames herself for Jake's accident and wonders why she didn’t hear the door open.  Lucky blames himself, since it was his night with the boys.  They reminisce about various times that Jake was being a little daredevil and admit that he’s a fighter. 

Patrick and Robin operate on Jake, as one problem after another arises.  I wonder why Robin is there, and think perhaps Matt should have been instead.  Jason watches from the viewing room.  Sam arrives and quietly keeps him company.

Tracy wants Luke to focus on what they know and not on the fear .  Luke remembers being told Lucky had died and that nothing compares to losing a child. 

Lucky leaves the waiting room to briefly talk with Siobhan. She tells him not to lose hope.  Steve checks in on Liz, who begs her brother to find out whatever details he can.  Steve catches Lisa leaving and gets angry with her, but she tells him she’s praying for Scrubs to save Jake.  Nikolas arrives, having been called by Lulu and offers his help.

Steve tells Liz that Patrick and Robin are focusing on Jake's head trauma and doing everything they can.  Liz questions herself again and thanks Steve for being there. 

Lulu and Dante show up.  Lulu gives Lucky a hug.  He says no one is telling them anything.  Dante says he went to the site and saw no tire tracks.  Nikolas wonders who would hit a child and not stop.  Dante admits it’s a dark area and perhaps the driver didn’t realize what happened.  Dante wants to question Liz, but Lucky says she’s been through too much.  Sam shows up and wants to help find whoever did it.  Lucky agrees to ask Liz the questions.  After he speaks to Liz, Lucky tells Dante that Jake was hit between 8 and 8:05, so Dante heads to the PCPD to check the traffic cameras at that time.

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Carly wants to call Jason, because he always gives her strength.  Michael informs his mother that Jason is already at the hospital and explains about Jake.  Carly tells Michael to stay with Josslyn and to call her if anything changes. She’s going to be with Jason in his time of need. 

Jake begins to hemorrhage and loses brain function.  Robin shakes her head to Jason, who starts crying.  Jason staggers out to the waiting area and tells Lucky that Jake is gone.  Lucky tells Liz and she can only fall into Lucky's arms. The devastated parents drop to the floor. 

Abby calls Michael wondering why he stood her up.  He tells her he’s at the hospital because his little sister is very sick.  She joins him at GH and he tells her about Joss’ condition. Michael realizes what everyone meant when they told him what it was like to lose someone you love dearly.   Nik tells Steven that he’ll pick up Cam and Aiden from the neighbor and bring them to Wyndemere. 

Luke says he couldn’t stay at the hospital, because Liz was saying she was sorry and the doctors weren't saying anything.  Lulu shows up in shock and says Jake’s on life support.  Tracy asks that they not tell Edward that Jake was Jason’s.  Luke assures them that Lucky will survive this. 

Robin apologizes to Jason and tells him they did all they could.  He wonders what happens now, and she says Jake is on life support and it’s up to the parents to turn off the machine. 

Sam joins Dante at the PCPD, feeling like she needs to do something.  He wonders why she isn’t with Jason, but she feels it isn’t her place to be at the hospital with Liz. The two check the traffic cameras and make a list of all the cars that passed at that time. 

Robin and Patrick let Lucky and Liz know that there was too much brain damage and Jake couldn’t be saved.  They mention that he’s on life support and that L&L need to make a decision.  Patrick brings up organ donation, while Carly listens at the door. 

Lucky asks Steve to sit with Liz again.  He feels he needs to see Jake before making a decision.  At the door, he’s not able to go in and cries in Siobhan’s arms.  Steve sits with Liz, who claims this should have never happened. 

Patrick angrily destroys the operation room.  Robin assures him it wasn’t his fault, but Patrick feels that despite all his knowledge and expertise, he wasn’t good enough to save Jake.

Jason goes up to the roof and remembers his last visit with Jake.  Carly finds him up there and lets him know about Josslyn.  Carly tells him that his son can save her daughter.