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Regan Reax: Jake's Hit And Run, Day Two


What another spectacular day for these actors. Once again, Steve Burton (Jason) and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) led the charge. I wanted to desperately reach through my television screen and hand Lucky a tissue. I loved the scene with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and her brother Steven (Scott Reeves), where she thanked him for bargaining with God. Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) explaining to Liz and Lucky what occurred during surgery and Patrick asking about organ donation through his tears for his friends was so REAL and RAW.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Jason being the one to tell Lucky about Jake not making it through the surgery. I must say, I actually liked it. Lucky telling Elizabeth broke my heart, but I would have preferred for Jason to be the one to tell her. I still can’t overlook that all of this has happened, yet Elizabeth and Jason have yet to share a scene together. It seems a little ridiculous to me and it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my Liason love. I will readily admit when any of my rants have to do with my Liason love.

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I honestly thought I would hate Josslyn’s cancer story throughout all this. Of course I felt like most; do we really need two children in jeopardy at the same time? It’s so depressing, but the more it progresses and the two stories gel together, I’m on board. LORD help me! As much as I HATE Jake dying, as much as I am not a fan of the recycling of BJ’s Heart story, it’s day two and Guza hasn’t lost me, yet. It may have to do with that little snippet of Jason and Carly (Laura Wright) at the end of the episode.

I love Jason and Carly’s friendship. I love it even more when Carly isn’t a screaming, selfish banshee. It was great that she knew exactly where to find Jason, that she didn’t just start out with telling Jason what she needed from him. I felt that Carly wanted just this one time to be there for Jason with no strings attached; to be his rock this time. Laura Wright literally broke my heart.

Of course this is me, so I have a couple gripes. Hey, criticism only makes us better. I am not a fan of Tracy’s decision to leave Edward in the dark. There once again is story potential just taken away. All of these people now know or got their suspicions confirmed and secrets are still being kept? From Edward? Where is Monica? She’s working at the hospital. I know she is because I heard her being paged. We can’t get a scene where she walks up to decent size gathering of concerned family and friends and where she asks what is going on? Monica can’t happen to be there when her distraught son walks up? My other gripe is directed towards Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer). I did not feel one ounce of emotion coming from her. I get Lulu is not Elizabeth’s number one fan, but her brother just lost a child he has been raising as his own and Lulu’s response seemed flat at best. I was also mildly annoyed with Siobhan’s presence. For some reason, she felt like an outsider, taking up the spot of a character that would impact the scene more.

It looks like we should know by weeks end who ran little Jake Morgan down, leaving him for dead. Will that story be worth losing Jake? I find myself liking what I see so far, but I still can’t shake the feeling that when it’s all said and done, as good as it’s seeming to be, the void left will be far worse the high we’re getting right now.