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Susan Lucci: All My Life


TV Guide 's Michael Logansat down with the incomparable Susan Lucci to dish on her memoir, All My Life out on bookshelves March 29. The book delves into Lucci's many Daytime Emmy nominations, the abortion storyline happening while Lucci was dealing with her own personal tragedy, among other topics. Also, it wouldn't be a Logan chat without some talk about Erica Kane's current story on All My Children.

TV Guide Magazine: What the heck is Erica thinking? Does she really believe rushing into marriage under these circumstances is a wise idea?

Lucci: This could be a disaster waiting to happen. Erica so wants to avoid another marital catastrophe and in that respect, thank heavens, she's grown up a bit over the years. She really does love Jack but she knows, deep down, that she's crazy-attracted to Caleb. And he wants her bad. Not long ago, this guy was a hermit hiding from life in the mountains. Now he's suddenly a whole new man all because of Erica. She's very seduced by that.

Photo Credit: Harper Collins

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