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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Daniel and Lily Grow Closer!

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Daniel/Lily: The widow Ashby still sees Cane and is starting to receive messages from him! Lily freaks and turns to Daniel for help. Daniel soothes Lily's fear that she's going crazy. The first loves star to grow closer (YAY!).

Daniel/Michael: The two set out to search for Daisy.

Traci: She hits town to visit her family.

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Chance/Heather: Det. Chancellor saves Heather from danger. Later the two open up about their feelings for each other.

Victor: The Black Knight is not taking his kids going up against him lightly. Victor plots revenge on all of his offspring, which Michael warns him to drop. Victor brushes him off and goes ahead with his plot.

Later, Nikki tries to get Victor to reach out to his kids, but he shocks her by saying he no longer has family! Watch for Victor to start his dastardly deeds against his children very soon by making a jaw-dropping announcement. Remember, Victor's plans have a way of not turning out like he hopes... 

Nick/Diane: The two can't stay away from each other and are trying hard to hide their feelings from others. Unfortunately for them, Victor is all too aware and tells his latest wife to stay clear of his son.

Billy/Victoria: The pair's idyllic life may be in jeopardy as Agnes returns and is trying to find the little girl.

Adam/Phyllis: The enemies put their differences aside and team up to prove Sharon's innocence, just as her trial begins.