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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam and Dante have the list containing the seven license plates from the night of Jake's accident and Sam recognizes her own.  She didn’t mention having driven that road, because she thought it was earlier in the evening.  Sam begins to wonder if she hit Jake, saying the street is dark and there’s lots of potholes.  She admits she wasn’t concentrating, because of a headache and that when she started to swerve, she stopped.  She tells Dante to check her car for damage.

Patrick continues to blame himself, feeling he’s trained enough to deal with any issue.  Robin assures him that they did all they could and apologizes for keeping him at arms length all these months.  She tells him she loves him and feels they’ve wasted months. 

Lucky says he can’t let the last memory of Jake be seeing him on machines.  Siobhan tells him the boy is no longer in pain, and to just sit by his side.  Elizabeth arrives, and asks if Lucky has been in yet.  Siobhan leaves the grieving parents.  Liz doesn’t want to make a decision right away, but Lucky reminds her that it’s the machines keeping Jake alive.  Liz knows that, but isn’t ready to let her baby go.

Carly tells Jason that Joss’ life is on the line, and Jake is her only hope. Jason asks about treatment, but Carly doesn't want to do chemo and the donor waiting list is too long.   Jason reminds her that Jake might not be a match.  Carly feels she doesn’t have much time and begs Jason for his help. He says it’s not his decision, but will talk to Elizabeth.

Jason asks Steven about organ donation and Steve agrees to run the tests.  Jason approaches Liz, who still hasn’t been in to see Jake.  She apologizes, but he assures her that she’s a good mother.  Jason tells her about Josslyn and how Jake’s kidney could save her.  Liz smacks Jason across the face and calls him a selfish bastard.  She tells him he chose not to be a parent and walked away without looking back. Now, she and Lucky are the ones with the hole in their lives. Liz coldly tells Jason he will not use her son for spare parts

Kristina shows up to sit with Michael and lets him know that Alexis is helping Jax do research.  Abby shows up, which doesn’t sit well with Kristina, who agrees they should all wait together.  After Michael leaves, Kristina tells Abby to get out, since she’s not family.  Abby agrees to go to keep the peace.  When Michael returns, Kristina plays innocent about Abby having to leave.

Dante’s second plate comes up as Sonny and Sam says Sonny will be devastated if he was responsible.  Sam wonders if she should go and tell Jason it might have been her.  Robin and Lisa are the next two names to license plates to come in.  Eventually, so do Luke’s, Carly’s and an unknown. The Forensics test ran on Sam's car come back clean and she's not the guilty party. 

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Nik shows up at the Star to tell Luke to get his butt to the hospital to be with Lucky.  Luke feels he could do nothing, and that Lucky knows where to find him.  Nikolas tells him to step up for once and go to Lucky without having him ask first.  

Jax and Alexis are doing research.  Terrell interrupts to say he conferred with a specialist and they need to start chemo right away.  Carly shows up asking how soon they can do a transplant and tells them about Jake.  Terrell says if it’s match, they can do the surgery tonight. 

Jason tells Lucky about Joss and that Liz said no to the transplant.  He convinces Lucky that Jake can save Joss’ life.  Lucky agrees to speak with Liz.  Lucky goes to Liz and tells her Jake can save not only Josslyn, but others who are sick.  Liz agrees to do it. 

Carly tells Jason that Terrell is running tests, but he says Liz hasn't agreed to anything.  Carly doesn't want to start the chemo and says she needs to see Liz to get her to understand.  Liz and Lucky show up and tell Carly she can have the kidney. 

Terrell lets Lisa know that Jake is a match and he’s doing the transplant. He wants to know is she want in, since she’s assisted in the surgery before.  Robin is grateful for her daughter and asks Patrick to come home with her.

Lucky shows up at the Star and discusses fatherhood with Luke.  Luke tells him there's no way to get over the pain, but to live with it.  Lucky says he took on the boys, because Luke made fatherhood seem like so much fun.  Lucky cries into his father's arms.

CarJax and Michael say their goodbyes to Josslyn before surgery and I wonder where the heck Morgan is through all of this.  Carly is antsy and Jax snaps at her, so she leaves.  Jax can't imagine losing a child and Alexis tells Jax to stay positive

Carly talks to Michael about the uphill battle they must to deal with and Michael assures her that they will get through this like they have everything else.  Carly's sad for Jason and declares that her daughter will live, thanks to Jason.  Um no Carly, that's thanks to Elizabeth.

Jason lets himself into Elizabeth's house, finds one of Jake's toys, sits down and cries.