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General Hospital Spoilers: Whodunit?


Here’s the Scoop!

Who Killed Jake? While I’ve been really enjoying this past week – a week I was prepared to be throwing things at my TV – some fans seem to be annoyed the latest SPOILERS have the whodunit story playing out much longer than Jake’s death and Josslyn’s kidney cancer. I can tell you that Who Killed Jake will go into the early part of April. Now, we as viewers COULD know the culprit by the end of the week, but the search for who killed Elizabeth, Jason and Lucky’s son will go on for at least a few more weeks. So, who is your leading suspect now that Sam was cleared by forensics? Carly? Remember, Michael will be covering for his mother and lying to Jason. Is it the cover-up that has him telling tales? How will Carly react when she finds out all Michael has done to make sure she’s not at the top of the suspect list?

Was it Luke? We’ll be seeing a lot of attention being given to Luke’s drinking. Is he Luke Spencer without a glass of booze in his hand? Are we in store for another alcoholism story? Lucky will “confront” Luke about his excessive drinking and Lulu will also play a part in her father’s story as she and Lucky discuss Luke’s tendency to hit the bottle, hard. Will the Spencer kids cover for dear old dad? Who is Lulu trying to convince about her dad's drinking?

Lucky is struggling… and it’s not with his own addiction problems. He’s torn with his grief over Jake and the obligation he feels towards Liz, while he has these feelings for Siobhan. When he goes to Luke for advice, his father isn’t able to offer him any. Look for Maxie to be Lucky’s friend in this. He’ll admit to Maxie that he’s overcome with guilt because of Jake and Elizabeth, but that he wants to be with Siobhan. Maxie tells Lucky that he should do what he has to do to keep Siobhan.

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Will that all change when Aiden’s paternity is revealed? According to RUMORS, Elizabeth may not have fully read those results before realizing Jake got out the front door. Conversely, it’s possible that with all that’s happened, what she read didn’t register. Nikolas tries to support Elizabeth, but when she reads the paternity results again, Elizabeth’s grief turns red hot mad.

Another whodunit? Can we worry about who killed Jake first? I spoiled already that Abby’s abusive ex-boyfriend Brandon pops back up in Port Charles and while Michael pulls a gun, he’s not pulling the trigger. So, who kills Brandon? It looks like Johnny MAY be the one holding the smoking gun. I’m also hearing that ZaCrazy is popping back up on our screens, live from Pentonville.

Sonny and Brenda return when the news reaches them. Sonny will visit with Josslyn. Will these two make it? RUMOR has it the newlyweds are not on the same page on the topic of family and when Suzanne comes back to PC she has a surprise with her, Lucian. He SHOULD be Brenda’s son.  Suzanne SHOULD explain why she hid him away and RUMORS say Lucian will end up living with Brenda and Sonny.

Scrubs fans! RUMORS say your couple is reconnecting, in the bedroom or on the sofa or however the decide to have them do it! They will also spend time with Emma.

CRAZY and TERRIBLE RUMOR … Edward Quartermaine’s ticker is in need of a tune up! Yep, the LATEST RUMOR making the rounds is that Eddie Q is having a heart attack! That’s all I have so far. 

CRAZY and RANDOM… Lulu attempts to be there for Elizabeth. Carly wants to talk to Sam about her fertility procedure. Remember, she wants Sam to give Jason a baby, but she also wants Jason to look out for numero uno. Speaking of Sam, she’s not just suffering from the residual effects of her concussion. Patrick will be “confused” by what Sam’s test results show. Carly takes her daughter home. Brook Lynn is offered a recording deal. Spinelli tells Maxie she was his muse. Michael and Abby have a fight over Michael carrying a gun. RUMOR has it that a lady from Dante’s past is coming. Jax is not happy to find Shawn living in the guest house and threatens to continue his custody quest. Was Shawn "assigned" by Jason? After Franco's threat, Jason is determined to keep Josslyn safe. Lisa finds her “in” with Kristina over the teen’s crush on Ethan. Kristina gets on Lisa's radar by offering to be Patrick and Robin's babysitter. Carly and Shawn share an emotional scene. Brenda and Carly continue to be at odds.