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One Life to Live Recap: Melt My Heart To Stone

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Viki:  Actually, you’re doing it.  You know, you’re being a friend.  You’re being a good friend.  Sometimes I think I don’t know what I would do without you.

Instead of “sugar lips” returning, Viki enters Dorian’s bedroom.  Viki found a note on the floor, but after recent events, Dorian wonders if it's another forgery.  Viki assures her that Bo has Clint under surveillance, and Dorian admits that she and David endured a rocky road, but they found their bliss.  David's disappearance always seemed suspect to Viki, and Dorian thinks Viki wants to say "I told you so." 

She only wants to ask about Tess.  Tess is a monster who puts Viki through hell, but Dorian hasn't had any interaction with her.  Tess made insinuations about Charlie and Echo, but Dorian admits nothing.  She encourages Viki to ignore Tess, who only aims to weaken Viki, and offers any necessary help.  Viki believes Dorian's already helping in the best way possible, and Dorian's touched.  She advises Viki to believe in the commitment Charlie made to her. 

David trains the shotgun on Clint, there for payback for the torture he endured.  Clint balks, but David doesn't take the withholding of astringent lightly, nor Dorian nearly moving on with a younger gigolo.  Clint has no sympathy, insisting he would've given David even less than the Moroccan guards did.  He believes David is a stain on humanity, and he goads him into pulling the trigger to rid David, Dorian, and "sanctimonious" Bo and Nora of Clint.  David realizes Clint would win if David goes to jail, so he puts down the gun.  Clint's isn't worth it, but David vows retribution another way.  Clint breathes a sigh of relief when David leaves.

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When David returns, Dorian senses he saw Clint.  He wanted to hurt Clint, but if he dies before his crimes are proven, he'll be viewed as misunderstood and given a state funeral.  David prefers that Clint, who sits forlornly in his living room, die alone.  The best revenge is rubbing Clint’s nose in his failure.  He wants to marry Dorian immediately, and she is elated.

Charlie visits Echo at the motel, who expects nothing because she's trained herself to keep her expectations low.  He assures her she can believe in his intentions.  After they make love, Charlie has to get home to Viki, who is having a hard time and needs him.  Echo doesn't want Charlie to make promises he can't keep, but his promises to Echo will come true in time.  Standing in the doorway, they share a passionate kiss, of which Tess snaps a picture. 

Charlie walks into Llanfair, and a drained Viki thinks he's "a sight for sore eyes."  She tries to move into his arms, but he resists, claiming he's dirty and needs a shower.  Viki is confused.

Tess slinks down in the seat when Ford searches the parking lot.  Cutter decides not to limit himself and speeds away with Tess.  At the Minuteman “dump,” Tess gives a "play-by-play" as she pours a drink, baiting Cutter into stopping her, but he's not opposed to partaking in bad things.  As they drink, they discuss how Jessica is too reserved for Tess' tastes, and Cutter understands the demand to "tow the line."  Tess believes in personal reinvention, and he admits to doing that more than once.  Aubrey calls, interrupting their verbal seduction to inform Cutter that Jessica is off-limits.  He reluctantly acquiesces.

Aubrey interrupts Joey and Kelly.  Kelly spies Rama, and she remembers Rama’s social circle in school, but curiously, not Aubrey.  She advises Aubrey to keep Cutter on a leash.  After losing Dorian, he’s trying to seduce another rich girl, so Aubrey calls him. 

Kelly is surprised Joey’s in the dark about Ford and Aubrey’s connection.  They dated, but she dumped him because he wasn’t rich.  When Aubrey returns, Joey calls her on the claim.  Aubrey lies that she dumped him because he was an egotist, and she acts offended at Joey’s insinuation.  Cutter returns Tess, who excitedly clutches her phone.

Cristian is amused that “escape artist,” Tess, outsmarted Ford.  Rama orders a “Dehli Belly” from Cris, who’s at a loss.  It’s sweet, like her husband, and Cris realizes she’s married to Vimal.  He’s friends with the Buchanans, but he’s sympathetic.  Cris looks up the drink recipe, and Rama is touched, though it’s not quite the same.  Cris was separated from his fiancee, and though they broke up, he hopes Rama and Vimal won’t suffer the same fate.  She smiles when her drink is on the house until he perfects the recipe.

Brody apologizes to Natalie for subjecting her to his singing over the baby monitor.  They are worried about the custody case, but Brody's only options will land him in jail, and he needs to focus on his other responsibilities: getting Jessica well, Liam, and Natalie.  They collapse on the couch, exhausted, but Natalie is greatly appreciative for Brody's help and support.  He worries his presence at Llanfair is costing Natalie personally and irking Viki, but Natalie promises the family views Brody as the "boy scout" he is.  They inadvertently nap on the couch, and things are awkward when they wake.