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Regan Reax: Jake's Hit And Run, Day Three


The SLAP heard around Port Charles! I jumped when Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) smacked Jason (Steve Burton) across the face. My long awaited Jason-Liz scene was a little too short, but boy-oh-boy at least it came with a bang and few long over-due digs.

See, this is where my Liason fan-girl will come out. While many feel it was Elizabeth who pushed Jason out of Jake’s life, I always felt that Jason never fought for his son or Elizabeth. I readily agree that when it comes to Jason’s life, Sam (Kelly Monaco) is more accepting, but the night Michael took a bullet to the brain, both Jason and Elizabeth had decided to marry and be a family. It was Jason who then retreated after what happened to Michael proved that his life was too dangerous for children. So when Jason asked a grieving Elizabeth to donate Jake’s kidney to Josslyn, I had no problem with her throwing his choices back in his face. I would have added a dig about always picking Carly (Laura Wright) too. I do recognize that Liz made choices as well that kept them apart, but  I have always felt that if Jason wanted to be a father to his son, he would have fought for it.

I found Elizabeth’s reaction to Jason’s request to be completely authentic. She is a mother who is grieving and not ready to let her son go. She’s also a nurse, but when your heart is trying to process the unthinkable, your knowledge goes right out the window. Elizabeth was reeling from the loss of her son, she wasn’t thinking rationally, she was responding emotionally.

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Jonathan Jackson’s portrayal of Lucky has really been the standout of the three parents throughout this entire storyline. Every time he takes the screen, he breaks me. Lucky's scenes with Jason have been breathtaking and the ones opposite Elizabeth are reminiscent to those that made Lucky and Liz a young supercouple. I also loved his scenes with Luke (Tony Geary) at the Haunted Star, however I did find it odd that he left the hospital while the transplant was happening.

I suppose I should back up a bit, back to the beginning of this episode where Carly continues her request of Jason. I saw this exchange as a desperate mother who wanted nothing more than to just be the friend Jason needed. She just couldn’t. I did feel that the scene could have gone another way though. Jason could have told Carly that it was too soon to ask this of Elizabeth, that he needed to put her and his son first for a change. Yes, I know, Josslyn is sick and needs that kidney, NOW!

Here is where I knew I would have a problem with this part of the story. While I haven’t had an issue so far with the diagnosis, I don’t understand why the transplant has to happen that very night. Can’t Elizabeth, Lucky and Jason have that one evening to process all that’s happened? Trust me, I understand that Josslyn is sick, but she’s not knocking on heaven’s door. I understand not wanting to put your child through chemotherapy, but if you have a donor, can’t you do the surgery in the morning? There are certain things that just don’t have to happen at super soap speed.

There is no denying that these past three days have given some of the best performances we’ve seen in a long time on GH. It has been raw, emotional and not overcrowded by typical soap opera cliches. Besides the breaking up of Jake’s parents and the initial decision to use this story as a means to write his mother off the show, I haven’t been this upset over an upcoming storyline in awhile. For the most part, I stand corrected. It has been well-written, amazingly acted and heartbreaking; everything a story of this nature should be.