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All My Children Actors Deny Cancellation "Rumors"

All My Children executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers has apparently quieted fears of her cast and crew that the show is in danger of cancellation. Perhaps her next gig will be trying to disprove global warming?  AMC actor Ricky Paull Goldin said this to Soap Opera Digest:


"We have been told by the powers-that-be we're not going anywhere, that the rumors are not true and we would have been the first to know," Goldin reports. 

Not to be a stickler for detail, but the AMC actors were the last to know they were moving to LA, so I doubt they would be the first to know if the show was being cancelled—not that we're saying they will be cancelled. What we've said all along was that ABC will be making major decisions about its lineup before the end of the first quarter of 2011 (which ends this month), and part of said decisions could be canceling a soap in favor of a talk show. Could being the operative word.

Goldin went on to call reports of AMC being in danger "malicious rumors", and while I thoroughly understand an actor being upset about the reports, I disagree wholeheartedly about their being any malicious intent in reporting and/or stating the obvious about the state of ABC Daytime.

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When primetime shows are in trouble, the news makes the covers of TV industry bibles and is talked about on all the Hollywood power blogs. From Jericho to Heroes to Fringe, these shows' ratings woes have been discussed ad nauseum, and in many cases, reporting that these series were on the bubble helped to stir up vocal fan responses, buying the series time. You would be hard pressed to find an entertaiment media vehicle that wasn't reporting on the state Jeff Zucker put NBC in, so then why is it so sacrilegious to discuss TPTB who run daytime and their decision-making?

I think this antiquated notion that the behind-the-scenes dealings of the soaps should never be reported on is what has helped tank the genre. With the soap magazine press basically not being allowed to criticize the executives, writers, producers and yes actors freely, it lends itself to incestuous relationships where no real analysis or truth telling can be achieved.

Execs use the mags to strong arm actors and writers into taking paycuts or to deny "rumors" that even Nikki Finke is reporting on. I say it's time to stop shooting the messengers and tell the truth and shame some of the devils who are killing our beloved genre.  If people want to stick their heads in the sand and act like there's no trouble afoot at ABC Daytime—much like they did when reports of Guiding Light's cancellation "rumors" began—so be it, but we at Daytime Confidential stand behind our reporting 100 percent and if you love your ABC soaps, now is the time to watch.