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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Well, it’s a good thing GH sped through the meat of Jake and Josslyn's story in order to get back to the important stuff (BrenSon talking about themselves, the Balkans’ being annoying and Lisa’s obsession with the syringe).  If we would've had to wait til’ Friday or, heaven forbid, next week, we might have forgotten all about those stories.  (Eye roll and heavy sarcasm)

Dante lets Ronnie know the list of suspects, including Sonny.  Ronnie insists on having Sonny’s car impounded rather than let Dante handle it.  Lulu stops by, saying she has conflicted feelings about Jake saving Joss.  When she and Dante hug, she sees that Luke’s name is on the suspect list (Which ironically has the words “Suspect List” right at the top).

Luke pays Liz a condolence visit but isn’t sure what to say or do to make her feel better.  Liz says the last time she felt this way was when Lucky died, but he came back to her and that’s not going to happen this time.  Luke tells her you can never prepare yourself for something like this.  Liz blames herself, but Luke says it’s on the shoulders of whoever was driving the car.  À little heavy handed with the foreshadowing there.

Carly sits by Joss’ bedside, letting her know she’ll pull through this.  Jax stops by and mentions how their joy came at such a terrible price.  He apologizes for yelling at her, but she’s no longer mad.  Michael comes with food for both of them. 

Patrick, Robin and a new Emma are enjoying breakfast together, happy to be reunited.  Robin assures him again that Jake couldn’t be saved and Patrick can’t fathom what Liz and Lucky are going through.  He wants to fix their marriage and Robin warns him it won’t happen overnight, and he agrees with that.  Patrick says they need to get rid of Lisa and that Robin needs to get the syringe from her locker and give it to Steve.

Sonny and Brenda are giggly on their honeymoon.  Talk turns to Mr. and Mrs. Balkan and Brenda’s still shocked that Suzanne was married to him.  They discuss the baby and Brenda realizes that Suzanne lost her grandchild.  Sonny tells her not to feel badly for Suzanne.  They talk about family and how his kids are her kids and he swears no one will ever hurt her again.

Suzanne is upset with Theo for donating a large sum of money that came from a renowned drug lord to her charity. He essentially destroyed the charity and Suzanne’s hard work.  Theo says he wants to know where the child is.  Suzanne takes a call but when she’s done, Theo gets a call telling him where to find the boy.  Theo says he’s leaving and she asks if he’s simply going to dispose of her.  Theo says Suzanne is no longer loyal to him.  Suzanne tells him he’ll drown in his own arrogance. 

Lisa offers her condolences to Steven, who’s on his way to Elizabeth's house.  She wonders if there is any news about the accident.  He says the police are working on it, and reminds her that he’s not finished dealing with her issues with Robin.

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Kristina runs into Michael at the hospital.  Max shows up looking for Jason.  He tells Michael that Sonny’s car was impounded.  The two go down to the PCPD, and while Kristina distracts Ronnie, Michael swipes a document from Sonny’s file.

Lulu goes to see Luke. She lets him know that Lucky is in church and that Luke is on the suspect list.  He brushes it off, saying the street is full of potholes and he would never take it if it weren’t a shortcut.  She mentions Carly as another suspect and Luke hopes it wasn’t her.  Lulu suddenly realizes she shouldn’t have spilled the beans, but she loves her father.

Lisa goes to Johnny’s and is all chipper, so he figures she won the treasure hunt. She admits Robin did, but she swiped the syringe from Robin’s locker and can now breathe easy.  If that's the case, Johnny wonders what she's doing there. Lisa drops her coat to reveal she's completely naked. Needless to say, Johnny and Lisa hit the sheets. After they finish, Lisa brings up Patrick again and Johnny tells her she’s an adrenaline junkie and she’ll end up empty.  Lisa slaps Johnny and leaves.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin offer Steve their condolences and ask him to convey the same to Elizabeth.  Don’t they live next door?  Couldn’t they have stopped by on their way to work?  Robin tells Patrick the syringe is gone from the locker.

Dante shows up and tells Robin both she and Lisa are suspects.  Robin admits to being distracted while driving and worries she did hit little Jake.  Dante takes the car to be checked out. Later on, Dante calls and lets her know she’s been cleared.  Patrick is sure that Lisa is the guilty party.  I am sure she’s just a red herring.

Michael tells Abby about Sonny and Carly being suspects.  He admits Carly is a bad driver and this would destroy her.  Abby tells him it was an accident and that Carly likely wouldn’t be charged, but Michael wants to make sure the truth doesn’t come out.

Dante tells Lulu that Robin has been cleared.  Ronnie shows up and says Sonny has been as well.  Lulu questions things and Ronnie tells her to butt out, so she leaves.  Dante wonders what Ronnie’s problem is, since the only one on the tape speeding is Lisa. Ronnie replies by saying things get messy when family is concerned, since two of the remaining suspects are Michael’s mother and Lulu’s father.

Carly and Jax discuss how they’re sure that Joss will be okay.  I agree.  I mean, I’m sure by Easter, it will be like this story, er I mean, illness, never happened.  Jax wants to do something for Liz and Lucky to thank them and Carly remembers that Jake actually had parents whose names don’t rhyme with Mason Jorgan.  Carly says she can’t imagine the pain Liz is going through and how she must be blaming herself. Carly believes Liz will never get over this, as Michael listens at the door.

Luke pays Carly a visit.  Carly commiserates about Liz and Lucky’s pain, but Luke assures her they will get through it somehow.  He’s worried about her, but Carly says she has nothing to complain about.  Luke tells her she’s on the short list of possible suspects.

Michael finds Carly’s car in the garage.  It has a dent and scrape on the passenger side.