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New York Post Reports on Fan Reaction to Baby Jake's Death on GH?!


The death of Little Jake on General Hospital is making its way into the pop culture zeitgeist. The New York Post ran a full-fledged article about the reaction from outraged GH fans online. Here's a couple of the quotes they pulled from message boards:

"Hey! Isn't ABC a Disney Network? Aren't they supposed to be about 'family?' " wrote carolegenni. "Great job killing off kids and destroying families on General Hospital!"

"I am very disappointed that the Disney Corporation has financed a soap opera . . . which portrays children who are victims of violence," write ays786.

Okay...must be a slow news week? I bet ABC Daytime is loving all this free publicity; too bad it had to come at the expense of royally hacking off so many loyal fans. Good, bad or ugly the story arc has people talking. I just wonder if it will all be worth it in the long run?

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