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One Life to Live Recap: Helplessly Hoping

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Jack:  I don’t get what my sister sees in you.  You wanna talk about psycho dads?  Look at yours!  That guy was insane!  And your mom?  From what I hear, she’s just a whore.

After having breakfast at the cafe, Gigi sends Shane to school, while Blair does the same with Jack, who gripes about taking public transportation.  Both moms encourage the boys to make amends, which they do in public.  Outside, Jack rescinds his previous apology, investing in his vendetta with new conviction. 

James can’t pay his phone bill, but he shows up at the café with a bouquet of flowers for Starr.  She helps him with his job search, which consists of posting a generic message on his MyFace feed and slipping his email address to Gigi.  They discuss Ford’s “complicated” situation with Tess, and Starr feels terribly for Langston.

A new girl, Deanna, arrives in Llanview.  She’s forced to pay rent upfront at the Minuteman, but is relieved they have Wi-Fi.  She looks up James on MyFace and is pleased his status lists him as single.  She tracks him to the Buenos Dias, only to be upset to spy a kiss between him and Starr.  She receives an alert that his status has been updated to “in a relationship with Starr Manning,” who she watches from the counter after James leaves to babysit Ryder.

Dani thanks an unconscious Todd for protecting her, but she doesn’t need protection from Nate because he loves her.  Shaun stops Tomas from entering Todd’s room, and they tussle.  Teá and Dani hear the commotion, and Teá explains the family connection.  Shaun blasts Tomas for not being there when Teá was sick, but he apologizes for thinking Tomas was there to finish off Todd.  Shaun is impressed with Tomas’ skills, which he learned in a karate studio near Julliard.  He doubles over in pain, claiming to have exacerbated an old injury.  Regaining his composure, he offers to drive Dani to school and return with comfort food for Teá. 

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It’s Natalie’s first day back to work.  She’s going over the shooter’s location, hoping to catch something the B Team missed.  John arrives, and they bicker about Liam and Gigi’s firing until Nat calls him on his coldness and lack of civility.  They agree to focus on work... until Kelly arrives.  Her presence breaks the “no personal stuff” code, but she’s there as a reporter.  Natalie is irritated that the crime scene tape didn’t discourage Kelly.  She fears they’re going to contaminate her crime scene, but she leaves them alone as she searches the stairwell. 

In the gymnasium, Nate isn’t upset about Todd’s shooting, and Destiny wonders if he’s the sniper.  He’s just happy he gets a reprieve from looking over his shoulder while “psycho” Todd’s unconscious.  Overhearing, Jack goes off on Nate, who tries to apologize until Destiny pulls him away. 

John wants to talk, but Kelly thinks their dalliance is now over.  John disagrees and asks her on a date, which she accepts.  Natalie returns, and she won’t reveal unprocessed evidence in front of a civilian, so Kelly leaves.  Natalie discovered a Euro, which John will follow up on.  He also promises to clear the air with Gigi, which pleases Natalie.  He tenderly advises her to zip her jacket for warmth, and Natalie’s hope is renewed.  Later, Kelly returns to speak with Natalie, who shuts her down, promising that John inevitably will return to Natalie.

After Shane blasts Jack in front of Brad for setting him up, gym class begins, and Jack gets the teacher out of the gym and tells Shane to fetch the soccer ball.  It’s four against one as Jack and his crew block Shane’s exit and push him around.  Shane falls and drops his inhaler.  Jack swipes it and leaves with his posse as Shane succumbs to an asthma attack.  Dani and Destiny stop Jack in the hall, sensing he’s up to something.

Outside the diner, Tomas is on a call, informing the other party that he has no plans to return to Paris and Todd may never wake up.  Back at the hospital, Teá fears for Dani’s coping ability while struggling herself.  Shaun provides Teá with a comforting shoulder before surprising her with the assessment that Tomas’ fighting abilities are at a professional level.

Blair and Gigi commiserate, mother-to-mother, as Gigi hopes Shane’s issues are a phase.  Blair is empathetic, reassuring Gigi that the difficulties will pass.  Tomas arrives, and he and Blair discuss Todd’s shooting.  Although Tomas has no use for Todd, he’s comforted to know so many caring people surround Teá.  Blair is worried for her children, especially Jack, and Tomas offers to escort Blair to the hospital.  Outside, they run into John, who is introduced to Tomas as Gigi runs outside to give back the Euros with which Tomas accidentally paid.