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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Today's episode was much better than yesterday's. Although, there were still some minor things that irritated me, and the anvils falling about Luke being the driver are starting to hurt.

Patrick goes to Johnny’s and tells him the treasure hunt killed Jake.  Patrick believes Lisa is responsible, as she was only on that road thanks to Johnny.  Johnny has the decency to be shocked and upset by the news.  Patrick says Johnny has blood on his hands, even though Johnny insists it was all just a game.  Patrick punches Johnny in the face. 

Robin accuses Lisa of taking the syringe, which she denies and reminds Robin of the mantra, ‘no proof’.  Robin wonders if it was all worth the death of a little boy.  Robin accuses Lisa of hitting Jake, which she denies.  Robin says they’ll know soon enough, since Lisa’s car was impounded.  Robin wonders what they point of it all was, since she and Patrick are back together and Lisa ended up with nothing, but the label of child killer.  Robin tells her Patrick was never hers to have, but Lisa says his actions showed differently and assures Robin that she won’t go quietly.  Lisa storms off and grabs a scalpel off of a tray (conveniently left sitting in the hallway for anyone to grab).

Steve sees Michael hanging around the parking garage. He talks to him about Jake being Jason’s son and how the resemblance to Michael is there.  He says he finds comfort in knowing Joss will be okay. 

Carly is shocked that she could have been the one to hit Jake and admits she wasn’t paying attention. She doesn't know what she’ll do if she hit Jason’s son.  Carly wonders how someone could not know they hit a child, but Luke assures her it was dark, there are potholes and she was distracted.  Again, she says she won’t be able to live with herself if she hit Jason’s child (no mention of him being Liz and Lucky’s child and how she won’t be able to live with herself about that.)

Jason comes home to find Sam, who had been waiting for him all night. She gives him an update on Joss and goes to leave, but he asks her to stay.   He says he was on his bike and actually thought about never returning, so that he wouldn’t have to face the fact that Jake is gone, but couldn’t do that to Sam.  She tries to get him to eat something, but he’s not interested.  She assures him that there is no specific reaction that he should have.  She tells him he and Liz need to help each other, but Jason claims that Liz doesn't want his help. 

Dante finds Carly and Luke at the hospital and lets them know they’re both suspects. He quickly realizes they already know, thanks to Lulu.  Carly’s angry that Luke didn’t mention that he was also a suspect, but he claims he was worried about her.  She angrily figures he was just covering his own ass.  Luke insists he didn’t hit anyone.  Carly tells Dante to take her car and have it checked out. When Dante goes to the garage, the car is gone, so he puts out an APB for it. 

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Steven’s helping out at Elizabeth's house, when Olivia drops by with food.  She offers her condolences to him and he tells her he doesn’t know what to do for Liz and that he’s very angry.  She understands his pain, since she went through that when Dante was shot, and Steven wonders why he didn’t get his miracle.  She tells him Jax is relieved and Steven is glad that Joss is okay, but none of this is easy for Liz.  Liz comes down the stairs and Olivia offers her condolences.  After Olivia leaves, Liz tells Steven that she had a dream about Jake, but woke up and realized she's still in her nightmare.

Spinelli comes home and offers his condolences to Jason.  The two share a hug.  Spin feels the need to help, offering to look at the traffic cameras, but Jason tells him to let the police deal with it.  Sam mentions that Spin's book has arrived, but he dismisses it.  Jason tells him to go ahead with the book, so Sam and Spinelli head out to the office to work on it, while Jason looks at Jake's motorcycle. 

Patrick gets to the hospital and lets Robin know that he went to Johnny's and punched him.  Robin informs him that Lisa denied everything.  Mac arrives and lets Lisa know that they have her on tape for reckless driving, but that her car came out clean.  Patrick claims she got it washed, but, let's say it together, there's no proof.  Lisa had the scalpel ready in her pocket and I'm not sure what she was going to do with it.  The fact that she had it and was ready to use it makes me think she is the guilty party and did have her car washed.  Patrick reminds Lisa they're done and that will never change. 

Lulu, who apparently doesn't go to work anymore, stops by the PCPD and gets an earful from Dante for having looked at the list and warned Luke.  He says he could have lost his badge and she brings up the Brenda thing, but then apologizes.  He admits he needs to do a better job of not letting her see things on his desk. 

Mac gets an update on the case from Dante and then mentions that Michael and Kristina were at the PCPD.  Dante calls Michael and asks where he is.  Michael says he's in an alley and was in an accident.   Dante shows up and realizes that Michael has Carly's car. Michael lies and says he was driving and someone hit him.  Dante tells him he knows that he did it deliberately to get rid of any evidence that may have been there. 

Lulu stops by to see Luke and tells him that Dante is mad at her for spilling the beans.  Luke's not happy with Dante's double standard and she says she felt Luke needed to know, but wonders if Carly would hide evidence.  Luke doesn't believe she would but wonders how someone gets over killing a child.  I think you're about to find out.  Also, did Ethan fall into a hole somewhere?

Robin and Patrick head out to spend time together.  Lisa grabs a hospital brochure that has Robin's picture in it and cuts the picture to shreds with her scalpel. Then, she rips off her face mask and Glenn Close is underneath it.  Oh no, wait, that didn't happen.

Liz isn't sure what to do about Jake's room and things, but Steve tells her it's too soon to make decisions like that and to wait until she feels normal again.  Liz says she'll never feel normal again.  Nikolas arrives with Cameron and Aiden, who was crying like someone beat the poor kid.  Steve decides to head out if Nik is staying.  Nik mentions Cam riding the Wyndemere pony.  Cam asks once Jake gets back from heaven, if he can ride the pony too.  While my heart broke at adorable Cameron asking that, I did feel that that question is not something a seven year old would ask.  A three year old, yes, but not someone Cam's age. 

Carly shows up at Jason's and tells him that Joss is doing much better. She goes to say that Joss is alive because of him.  He reminds her that Jake's parents were Liz and Lucky, but she dismisses that.  She tearfully reminds him that he's never failed her and Jason wonders what she isn't saying.  Carly explains her actions that night, admits she wasn't paying attention and claims she could have been the driver that killed Jake.