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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Grieves


Here’s the Scoop!

Ok, so Steve Burton (Jason) did it yesterday. He has been bringing the heat all week, but WOW was he AMAZING. Will Luke being the one to have run down his son allow for this unbelievable talent to keep coming our way? We will see Jason go after Luke in true mob man fashion, but come on, it’s not like they’re going to kill off Luke Spencer. They reserve that for little kids. I know I’ve been enjoying this story, so allow me to explain. I’ve LOVED the acting and have been pleasantly surprised by the writing. I still loathe the fact that they killed Jake.

I want to know what you all think about this alcoholism story for Luke? Is this the way to go for Luke Spencer? While he’s had his troubles with his ticker and should lay off the booze for that reason alone, I’m of the mind that he’s just not Luke Spencer if he doesn't have scotch and cigar in hand. Is the alcoholic-runs-down-his-own-grandson story what fans want for Luke Spencer? They made him a rapist all those years ago, now a baby killer?

Certainly it’ll give Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson some great material, however I’m still of the mindset that it’s the longer story of Jake and Jason where we would have been in store for some greatness, but alas.  SPOILERS have it the PCPD will find DNA on Luke’s car. Dante SHOULD be adding drunk driving to the charges against his girlfriend’s father. What will happen when Jason goes after Luke? RUMORS are saying that Jason wants to know what happened and that his inquiry turns to anger when he realizes Luke was most likely tipsy behind that wheel. Obviously, Luke doesn’t even remember hitting Jake. 

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Is Jason going to kill Luke? Like I said, they’re not going to kill off Luke Spencer. What would typically be Jason’s go-to reaction changes with him realizing that Luke living with Jake’s death  is more punishment than the hit man can deliver.

Managing his grief… Jason needs to manage the grief he feels over the death of his son, so he throws himself into his work which of course means Carly and Sonny’s family. He’ll focus on protecting Joss and one RUMOR even suggests that Lucian’s safety will become a priority of Jason’s. Could it be because Jake and Lucian are close in age?

Is Lucian, Brenda’s son? Brenda believes it to be. Will Sonny wonder if this is true? Motherly instincts kicking in, is Brenda going to be so protective of Lucian that she’s not going to want him around the mob? Wouldn’t that mean the little boy couldn’t be around her hubby? Will Sonny suggest a DNA test?

Michael and his gun… he steals it from Jason’s penthouse! Maybe you shouldn’t be a father if kids can easily access your weapons. Michael feels the law is a failure, it’s failed him time and time again and now it’s failing Abby. Brandon is free after putting her in the hospital. Dante is concerned for his little bro and while the two are together, Brandon goes after Abby again. This time, Michael isn’t letting the cops handle it; he’s taking justice into his own hands and goes after the woman beater. This is when we’ll see Jason stop Michael from pulling the trigger. Does Johnny try to something right by Michael and take Brandon out? Is there more to the situation? When we see Anthony, it LOOKS like he’ll be on the other end of a phone call to his son.

Will Michael think it was Jason who knocked off Brandon? That’s what it LOOKS like and Jason will think Michael killed the abusive douche. Will these two be covering for each other? Have they learned NOTHING about covering up crimes!

CRAZY and RANDOM… The Haunted Star gets a trashing, courtesy of Luke. Lucky and Jason scene coming up where RUMORS have Lucky breaking down. Dr. Lee sighting! We MAY get to see Robin and Patrick in marriage counseling and listen up GH! We SHOULD see them in counseling! Will they find Brandon’s body outside the strip club? Despite all the fingers pointing in Luke’s direction, is it possible that Carly is the one who killed Jake? Personally, I think that would be the better story. Sam tells Josslyn she wants to have a baby, with Jason. Does Jason want the same? Carly wants Sam to give him a child, but will we see some real, raw storytelling about replacing your dead child?