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GH's Tony Geary on Jake's Death: "This Ghost Will Haunt Him Forever"

He managed to achieve unbelievable popularity after commiting the heinous crime of rape over three decades ago on this soap opera. Now will Tony Geary be able to bring Luke Spencer back from being a drunk-driving, baby killer on General Hospital? More pointedly, does he even want to?TV Guide's Michael Logan just published an explosive, spoiler-loaded interview with the multiple Daytime Emmy winner about today's game changing reveal.


TV Guide Magazine: We all know that you, as an actor, have balls of titanium, but isn't this taking your character to a very scary place? How does he ever get over this?

Geary: He doesn't. I think this ghost will haunt him forever. For the first time, I cannot even guess where my character will be in six months. This is a real life changer for Luke, and I'm thrilled. People have asked me, "Why would you want to be the guy who killed a child?" Hello, we're acting. This is drama. I'm not trying to save anybody's reputation here. I'm looking for the strongest material I can get my hands on. And this is pretty darn strong stuff. I'm not here to be popular or to create a character that's loved by millions. If that happens, fine, but the opportunity to embrace this material is something I would never, ever walk away from.

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One thing I will say about Bob Guza, he definitely believes in go big or go home. I just hope he has charted in some redemption and hope in this tragic saga, or else it could prove the most depressing period in GH history, and that's saying something. For more of Geary's chat with Logan, click here.

Photo credit: ABC