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One Life to Live Recap: Bad Moon Rising

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Nora:  I didn’t wander off after the accident, Bo.  I went to the Minuteman Motel that night!

Rex brings chocolate coffee beans to Bo, but Bo’s out.  He asks Nora if Bo will ever forgive him, and while Nora understands Rex’s motivations, she doesn’t excuse his actions.  Buried in papers, she asks for Rex’s help going over the timeline of Eddie’s murder.  Others who’ve been placed at the scene have been ruled out, save for Rex and Nora.  Nora’s frustrated they have no evidence, but at least she knows she was on the side of the road following the accident.

David barrels into the mansion, yelling for Nigel, but Bo tries to rein him in.  Nigel enters, and David steamrolls him with a litany of Clint’s crimes.  Bo doesn’t think Nigel is involved, but he does believe Nigel may have information.  Nigel doesn’t think Clint is a monster as he’s seen some remorse, but Bo reveals that Joey can connect Clint and Eddie.

As David creeps out Nigel with a series of glares, Nigel remembers, thanks to missing Access Llanview, that Clint said he was working late the night of the murder, and he didn’t return until the next morning.  They realize they only have Clint’s word, and Bo thanks Nigel for his help.  Before leaving, Bo promises David he’ll be at the wedding as David’s best man.

Later, Nora flashes back to the night of the murder, but there are still holes.  Bo comes in, excited about the coffee beans, but less so when Nora says they’re from Rex.  Bo reveals that Clint is sans alibi for the murder, but they at least need a witness who can place him at the scene.  Bo is concerned when Nora freezes.  Suddenly, she remembers being back at the motel after the accident.

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Nigel vows to Asa’s picture that he won’t abandon Clint as David returns.  David accuses Nigel of nefarious deeds, but he’s interrupted by a call from Dorian.  Nigel has the utmost faith that David will screw up his marriage, though he feels David and Dorian are perfect for each other.  David vows to bring a civil suit against Clint, promising Nigel will go down as well.

Deanna cyber-stalks James, trying to gauge his various connections, as she watches Starr.  Starr is overwhelmed by online well-wishers, and Gigi offers sympathy.  Deanna asks if Gigi minds her hanging out at the counter.  Gigi doesn’t, and sensing Deanna’s financial woes, brings her a free piece of pie.  Later, Deanna sees an alert on James’ page: a picture of him with Starr and Ryder, and she’s shocked he’s a father.

Dani wonders why Jack is rushing off, and he claims that his teacher is hot.  Gasping for air, Shane knocks over the shelf of basketballs, which Dani and Destiny hear and rush to his aid.

Tomas takes back his Euros, and Blair explains to John that Tomas is from Paris.  John is curious that Tea never mentioned him, and Blair accuses John of interrogating Tomas.  John gauges Tomas’ response when he reveals that a big clue was found, and notes that he’s pale.  Tomas is just tired, yet he must return to the hospital. 

Jack enters the cafe from the back, wanting to avoid Blair and “McPain” who are out front.  They overhear Gigi receive a call, alerting her to Shane’s asthma attack.  Starr worries, as do Dani and Destiny, who arrive after being “total heroes.”  Dani interrogates Jack, but he claims innocence and she relents.  On his way out, he dumps Shane’s inhaler in the trash.

Gigi and Rex race to Shane’s side, who’s being tended to by the nurse.  Shane forgot his inhaler, but Gigi knows that’s a lie, and Shane yells that it’s ruining his life.  He tossed it because he’s viewed and views himself as a loser.  Gigi is shaken, wondering where her sweet boy went.

James is babysitting when Nate arrives to meet Ryder.  They discuss Todd, and James thinks Todd’s a step above Eddie, but Nate warns him against being “totally dopey.”  Nate is amazed James and Ford lived a “whole other life,” but they’ve changed dramatically.  Starr arrives as James is cuddling with Ryder, and Nate snaps a picture of the three.  He posts it on MyFace and tells them it’s an image from the future.

John reveals the Euro to Blair, who shrugs it off.  Tomas came to see her, but after hearing their story, John points out that they’ve shared a series of strange coincidences.  Blair is rattled when John says he wounded the shooter, recalling Tomas’ sore torso.  He advises Blair to keep her distance, and asks her to bring him the photo that inspired the painting.  Later, John orders a full background check run on Tomas.

Shaun is fully invested in his bodyguard duties when Tomas returns to the hospital.  Tomas asks Shaun to take the food to Tea, promising to stay with Todd.  In the room, Tomas alerts his mysterious phone buddy to Todd’s status, insisting he knows how to proceed.  Blair is surprised to find Tomas there, but he claims to be attempting to see Todd the way his family does.