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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Jonathan Jackson?  On days like today, when he brings it with all he’s got, it just gives me chills. 

Nik settles the boys for Liz, who admits she needs them home, so that she will know she can survive this tragedy.  Nik offers to send his housekeeper to help with chores, but she dismisses his offer.  Liz brings up the four musketeers and Nikolas remembers his own grief over losing Emily.  Liz says Steven will be moving in for a while to help her out and she needs to be there for the kids, who don’t really understand that Jake is gone for good.  Nik apologizes for telling Cam the truth, but she’s fine with that.  He offers to have Cam and Spencer spend more time together. Liz is happy about Nik's idea, but at the same time, she’s not sure what she’s supposed to do anymore. 

Lulu feels she and Luke need to start helping Lucky move forward. Luke hopes again that Carly is not responsible, because how does one get past something like that.  Lucky shows up from having spent time at church.  Lulu tells him there’s a suspect list and Carly’s name is on it.  Lucky instantly goes ballistic, believing that Carly is the one capable of hitting a child and not stopping.  Luke tells him not to be angry at Carly, because it was an accident. However, his comment only sets off Lucky even more. Lucky goes on a tirade stating Carly always feels she’s never responsible for anything and she’s so focused on herself that she couldn’t have bothered stopping. She just left Jake lying in the street. 

Luke tells his son that he’s angry with God, but Lucky reminds him that God wasn’t the one who hit Jake. When Luke admits that Carly is upset, both Lucky and Lulu realize Luke warned her she was on the list.  Luke claims he felt she should know.  Lucky screams at his father that he doesn’t know what losing a child is like, but Luke reminds him of when they thought Lucky died in the fire. He understands Lucky’s anger, but Luke advises his son to slow it down. 

Jason is shocked that Carly might have been the driver and wonders if she remembers anything.  She confesses the whole drive was a blank because she was in a hurry to get to Josslyn. Carly says Dante has picked up the car to check it out, but she’s sorry that she might have killed his son.  Carly gets the call from Dante that she’s cleared.  She gives her condolences to Jason and wonders why he doesn’t hate her.  He says that she kept coming back and loving him. 

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Luke goes to the hospital to find Carly, but finds Michael instead. He warns him that Lucky might be on the warpath and to realize it’s not personal. Luke asks Michael not to fight Lucky back.  Carly shows up and tells him she’s been cleared.  Luke apologizes for adding to her stress and leaves.  Carly thanks Michael for being there for her and he says he’ll always protect her and Joss.

Nik shows up at the Star and finds Lulu.  He tells her he was with Liz and that she needs all their support.  Lulu feels she can’t face Liz after she screamed at her about the affair.

Jason shows up at Elizabeth's house.  He apologizes for taking the toy motorcycle and gives it back to her.  She says she keeps waiting for Jake to come home.  He tells her he’s sorry he hurt and abandoned her, but she says it wasn’t true. Liz apologizes to Jason for not sharing Jake and letting him be a part of the boy’s life.  Jason says he understands she was trying to protect Jake.  Jason gets a call from Dante to come down to the PCPD.

Michael goes to Abby, gives her an update and admits he feels badly that he was going to cover up who killed Jason’s son.  She absolves him.  They start to make out.  He admits he’s nervous, but she’s okay and they go into the bedroom hand in hand.

Lulu stops by Elizabeth's house.

Carly’s reading to Joss (who’s awfully spry considering she had her kidneys removed yesterday.  Really GH?)  She gets a call from Franco, who promises to keep a close watch on Josslyn.

Lucky goes to the PCPD where Dante gives him the report on the driver.  Dante tells him he’s too close, but Lucky says he has to deal with it.  When Jason shows up, Dante tells him Luke was the driver.

Lucky goes back to the Star and Luke is shocked to find out he was the driver.  He claims he was in a hurry to get to the wedding, didn’t see Jake, insists he’s a good driver, even though the street was dark and swears he never felt anything hit the car.  He reiterates that he never saw Jake.  Luke takes a drink to steady himself and Lucky asks if he was drinking that night.