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All My Children Spoilers: Will Erica And Jack Elope?


Here’s the Scoop!

Colby is still stuck on Damon… and so am I Colby. I like Asher, don’t get me wrong, but there was something about Damon. When Asher thinks Colby bought him in the auction, she sets him straight. He wants to have the date anyways and Colby says no. Did Caleb play matchmaker? Colby confesses to the World Wide Web that she’s scared to let love in.

Erica wants to get married right away! She’ll admit to Jack that she has something to prove to Caleb, that she loves her fiancé. Caleb tells Erica how he really feels and she tells him she does not reciprocate his feelings. Erica tells Krystal to back off Jack, as it’s just a waste of time. Jack wants to head to St. Barts to be married. The maid tells Caleb that Erica and Jack have gone off to elope.

Angie is in labor! Jesse takes Angie to where they were married and she starts to have contractions. The doctor in her says she’s fine, until some intense pain tells her something is wrong. Apparently, the chief of police has some trouble getting an ambulance and Jesse has to deliver the baby. Is something wrong with the newest Hubbard?

Is Kendall ready for love? She tells Greenlee that right now, she just needs a friend. Griffin confides in Cara that he had a great time with Kendall, but it wasn’t a date, it was merely a donation. Will Kendall be able to get Griffin the money Zach promised him? Will that give Griffin a one-way ticket out of Pine Valley? Kendall plans on pushing through the sale of the casinos and when she tells Ricky this, he’s not too happy.

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Who’s that girl? Kendall arrives for her check-up with Griffin and there is a woman waiting outside. He tells Kendall that’s the woman who wanted to go out with him. Are things a little weird between Kendall and Griffin now that they had their “date?”

Who’s that body? Jesse is called to duty when a dead body turns up in Griff’s room. Kendall already told Greenlee, whom else is she telling about the stolen meds?

BFF? Hey it made the dictionary! Cara tells Tad he’s the best friend she’s ever had. Amanda is cool with Jake and Cara’s new project, but she’s not okay when Cara calls her hubby at ungodly hours. Amanda wants Cara to remember which Martin brother she said “I Do” to. Tad cheers up his wife.  Jake and Amanda come to an agreement about Cara and their personal turf, but the couple gets into another argument over his ex-wife.

Emma just doesn’t like Greenlee anymore. At first I wasn’t a fan, but after Friday, I’m on board. She continues to not cut Greens any slack. Ryan gets his little girl some therapy.

JR is two years sober and asks Marissa to come to the meeting celebrating his anniversary. Earlier, Marissa finds out that JR had something to do with Reese speeding up the custody agreement. Marissa will choose to spend time with JR and AJ over letting Binks talk her out of it.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Liza and David do the dirty! Angie senses something isn’t right. Kendall asks Ricky to come to Erica’s wedding. Griffin tells Brot there is a real threat on Kendall. Ricky is committing a terrible crime. Angie and Jake talk about her chances of getting her sight back.

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