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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: CloneRafe Attacks!

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CloneRafe/Fay: It sucks to be Fay when she happens to overhear CloneRafe trying to get more money out of EJ and Stefano. EJ and CloneRafe almost get into a fight, but Stefano steps in and stops the melee. CloneRafe apologizes to EJ for his freak out and EJ lets him know he'll get a little something something extra for the job he's doing as Rafe.

Suddenly, the trio hear a noise in the foyer and don't realize it's Fay listening in on everything. Fay is stunned by what is going on and wants to snitch to Nicole.  The men brush it off and discuss how they are doing a great job at hustling Sami. Later, CloneRafe gets a call for a meeting and runs right into Fay! CloneRafe confronts Fay about what she heard and pushes her down the stairs! Nicole and Taylor enter the DiMera mansion to see their mother sprawled out on the floor.

Carly: Dr. Manning is heartbroken Nicholas won't forgive her.

Daniel/Jennifer: The two fret over Carly's well-being.

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Victor/Brady: The Kiriakis patriarch and his grandson continue to battle it out.

Stefano: The Phoenix eavesdrops on Abby telling Chad moving into the DiMera mansion is a big mistake.

Dario/Melanie/Brady: Brady sticks up for Melanie when he and Dario square off. Brady tells Dario to leave Salem, since he is nothing but trouble. Afterwards, Dario listens in on Philip and Justin talking about the divorce settlement Melanie's about to come into. The wheels in Dario's mind start to turn and Melanie suddenly becomes more attractive to him.

Meanwhile, Melanie goes to visit baby Parker and says farewell to the little guy. Later, Melanie and Dario bump into each other and sparks fly for her off the bat. Melanie decides to fight her attraction for the newest resident of Salem and kisses Brady! Melanie comes up with a scheme for Dario to think Brady is her man, so nothing can go on between the two.

Chloe: The songbird thinks Philip is trying to get sole custody of little Parker when she spots him having a meeting with a social worker.

EJ/Taylor: The two wonder if they are the reason why Fay is in the hospital. EJ tells Taylor he thinks her mom may know all about them.

Victor: He tells Maggie to have dinner with him.... In PARIS!