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One Life to Live Spoilers: Cristian Vega Meet Kassandra Kavanaugh (aka Kourtney Kardashian)!

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A husband caught cheating, a marriage and a missing teenager turn things upside down in Llanview. Also, don't forget that this week Kourtney Kardashian and Wendy Williams  guest-star on One Life to Live. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of March 28!

David/Dorian: David and Dorian will finally tie knot. Will the couple finally get their happy ending?

Clint/Bo/Nora: Rex will get his hands on proof that Clint was present at the scene of Eddie's murder. Clint is going to attempt to get some information out of Rama about Aubrey. However, before Rama can say anything, Bo will arrest Clint for Eddie's murder. News will quickly spread around Llanview about Clint being thrown in jail for Eddie's murder. After Viki visits Clint in his cell, Bo will be next. Bo is going to appeal to Clint to plead guilty in the case and save the Buchanan family a world of trouble. Clint will mysteriously inform Bo that if he goes down for murder, Bo's family will go down with him.

Meanwhile, Nora will still be attempting to remember all the details from the night of Eddie's murder. Nora will think a little too hard and faint. Bo and Clint will discover Nora and do everything they can to wake her up. After Nora regains consciousness, Clint will recommend that she and Bo not press charges against him. Bo and Nora are not going to heed Clint's warning and continue to push him for answers to his many mysterious clues. Clint will tell a shocked Bo and Nora the identity of Eddie's true murderer. Who murdered Eddie Ford?

Cristian: Blair and Cristian will have an interesting meeting with Kassandra Kavanaugh (Kourtney Kardashian). The trio's meeting will be so memorable that Phyllis Rose (Wendy Williams) will cover the story on her show "Access Llanview". What happens between Blair, Cristian and Kassandra?

Tess/Ryder/Ford/Brody: Jessica will make her grand return while kissing Cutter. She is going to be floored to find out the mess Tess has created. Jessica will decide the first thing she needs to do is get Ryder back. Jess will go to see Brody and get his help in getting Ryder back. Brody and Jess will show up at Ford's apartment and command Ford to give them Ryder. Initially, Ford will not do it, but after some convincing, Ford lets Jessica have Ryder. Mother and son will share a heartfelt reunion. When Jessica, Brody and Ryder try to leave, Ford will be heartbroken and do some fast-talking to get him to stay. Ford is going to remind Jessica of Brody's one night stand and child with Natalie. He will go even further by saying Brody has never attempted to visit Ryder, but has no problem playing house with Natalie and Liam. Ford's comments will get to Jessica and Tess will be back in control.

In the meantime, Starr and Langston will be at the Buenos Dias Cafe discussing Ford. Langston will tell Starr she misses Ford, but does not regret breaking up with him. Ford will walk in and the three of them will talk. Langston and Ford will have a moment before Ford leaves. Ford returns to Tess and they will discuss Ryder's custody hearing. It turns out; Viki is going to take Clint's name off her bid for custody of Ryder. Viki will inform the judge that she and her family are perfectly capable of caring for Ryder until Jessica comes back for good. Tess will formulate a plan for the court to discover that Viki and Charlie aren't the happily married couple they appear to be. Who will win custody of Ryder? 

Joey/Cutter/Aubrey: Joey will let Cutter have it for entertaining Tess' company. After that, Cutter will hear it from Aubrey about being involved with Tess. Cutter will be quick to throw Joey back in her face. Aubrey is going to jump though hoops to convince Joey to fully trust her. Is the bond between Aubrey and Cutter breaking?

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Natalie/Marty/John: Natalie will be extremely hurt to find out her Uncle Bo arrested her father for killing Eddie Ford. John is going to be around Natalie when she finds out the news and will console her. He will also let Natalie know that he knew Clint was being investigated for crime, but never told her. Before the two can talk about John knowing about Clint, an intensely emotional Brody will show up. He will explain to Natalie what just happened with Jessica. Brody and Natalie are going to end up in each other's arms while John watches them from afar. Needless to say, John will leave them alone.

Later on, Marty will pop up on Natalie and Brody. Natalie will be livid when she finds out John was the person who vouched for Marty's release from St. Ann's. Meanwhile, John and Kelly will sleep together again. They will awake in the morning and realize that their relationship is based on escaping from their pain and nothing more. Before they can discuss things more, Natalie will barge in and accost John for helping Marty be released from St. Ann's. How will John handle Natalie, Marty and Kelly?

Blair/Tomas: Blair is going to give John the picture Tomas acquired of her and Todd. She will admit to John that she felt uncomfortable seeing Tomas standing over Todd's hospital bed. A little later, Dani will inform Blair about Shane's asthma attack and how she believes Jack had something to do with it. Blair will not believe Dani's suspicions are true. When will Blair come to her senses about Jack?

Rex/Gigi/Jack/Shane: Jack will almost confess something to Todd when James and Starr walk in. Starr is going to bring up Dani, and Jack will say some pretty nasty things about Dani and James. Jack will decide to take his anger out on poor Shane. Shane will be taking a shower in the boy’s locker room and Jack and his minions will steal Shane's clothes. When Shane walks out of the shower naked to retrieve his clothes, Jack and his friends will shoot a video of the boy naked. Jack will give into peer pressure and put the video on MyFace. A humiliated Shane will disappear.

Soon after, Rex will find out from Echo that Shane has been bullied for months. Rex is going to hack into Shane's MyFace page and see all the hurtful messages from Shane's peers. Rex will notice that Jack Manning is the person leading the charge on Shane and set out the find the boy. Rex will tear into Jack for bullying Shane. Jack will deny everything, until Starr shows up to confront him about seeing Shane naked in the gym earlier. Jack is going to attempt to weasel his way out of it, but Rex and Gigi will not believe him. They decide to get Shane out of school to talk to him, but they will discover that Shane is gone. The couple will go home to form a game plan and find a cryptic note from Shane. Will Rex and Gigi reach Shane before it's too late? 

Starr/James/Deanna: Deanna will send James a MyFace friend request. She decides she will leave town, because she thinks James and Starr are a couple with a baby. However, the porn producer, Abel, will talk her into staying. By this time, James will see Deanna's friend request and it will upset him. Tess will also see Deanna's friend request that James refuses to deal with. James and Tess head back to Ford's apartment, while Abel will be trying to secure Deanna into staying long-term. Deanna will decide to visit James, instead of giving Abel an answer. Deanna knocks on the door at Ford's apartment, but Tess will answer the door. James will be caring for Ryder when Deanna asks for him, so Tess lets Deanna believe Ryder is James's child with Starr. Deanna leaves and Tess will not tell James she was there.

Starr shows up and will assist James with his job search. While on his computer, Starr will see the friend request from Deanna. Starr will ask James about Deanna and he will confesses that he dated her once. When Starr tells James she saw Deanna at the Buenos Dias Cafe earlier that day, James will be floored. Meanwhile, Deanna will go back to Abel and agrees to be in a porno film. Abel will tell Deanna he is going to make her into a star. As Deanna is about to film the porno, James will show up out of nowhere. Deanna will be thankful that James showed up and speaks with him. She will ask him about his new baby and James will be unaware of what she's talking about. James will figure out that she's talking about Ryder and tell Deanna that Ryder is not his child. Deanna will be relieved to hear the news and give James a big kiss. How much of a problem will Deanna be for James and Starr?

Viki/Charlie/Echo: Tess is going to send the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing to Viki. Charlie will inform Echo that he must be by Viki's side in her effort to gain custody of Ryder. Echo will wonder what will happen if Jessica never returns. Charlie will make a statement at Ryder's custody hearing on Viki's behalf. Charlie will go see Echo after his statement and want to tell her something. Viki will be hit hard from seeing the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing. Viki is going to look for Charlie and will find him in Echo's bed. What will Viki do after seeing her husband in bed with Echo DiSavoy? 

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (April 4): 

  • Starr spills the beans about Jack's bullying to Blair.
  • Rex and Gigi are terrified to find Shane about to jump off the school roof.
  • Starr is floored to see Marty with Hope.
  • Viki tells Echo a piece of her mind.
  • Tess and Cutter kiss again.
  • Bo and Nora don't believe Clint's accusations about Eddie Ford's murderer.
  • Blair tells Starr she hit Jack.
  • Bo gives Rex some much needed support.

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