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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Has Amber Finally Won?

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Carl/Amber/Liam/Hope/Oliver: The parents-to-be bond over "their" baby. Meanwhile Oliver and Hope start to stroll down memory lane. Carl returns and starts to threaten Amber. Liam grills her about the comments the lab tech made. Later, Carl tells Amber again she better get with the program or else. Liam tries again to make inroads with Hope, but she shuts him down.

Amber uses this opportunity to seduce Liam Hope rips into Amber when she spies the two in a close moment. Later Oliver and Hope kiss, while Liam lets Amber know he doesn't want a relationship with her and their night together was a huge mistake. Liam tries once again to reach out to Hope, but she tells him they are over and he needs to be a father to his baby and be there for Amber.

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Nick/Katie/Bill:  Bill is not thrilled at Katie's decision to bunk with Nick on The Shady Marlin. The two men get into a fight over Katie. Nick tells Katie he is not going to allow her to go home with Bill in the angry state the publisher is in. Katie lets her husband  she will come back home with him if he gets help with his anger issues. Meanwhile, Brooke learns of Nick being the shoulder Katie is leaning on.

Thomas/Steffy: The siblings have a chat about their current situations. Thomas defends his actions to Steffy and says their father needs to have more trust and respect for him. Steffy retorts Thomas isn't really copping to his true feelings. Thomas stuns Steffy by accusing her of sleeping with Bill.

Thomas/Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: Brooke arrives in Paris and tells Ridge exactly what happened with Thomas. Taylor lets Whip know she's in Paris with Ridge and her husband is not thrilled. Ridge lets Brooke, Stephanie and Taylor know his decision regarding his marriage. Ridge starts to make new choices with the Taboo line. Later, Ridge tells Thomas his designs for the women's Taboo line aren't up to snuff, which makes Taylor happy. Meanwhile, Ridge is shocked when Brooke doesn't agree with his decision and goes against his orders.

Bill/Liam: Father and son commiserate over their personal lives.

Tawny/Amber: The Moore women celebrate at Amber's new digs.