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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victor Trumps His Kids, Or Has He?

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Victor vs. His Kids: The Black Knight stunned the world, including his children on live TV, by taking Newman Enterprises public. Victoria, Nick, and Abby are gobsmacked by their father's latest stunt. The Naked Heiress feels it the most since she got the ball rolling with the lawsuit against Victor. Watch for Abby to be on an emotional roller coaster. Abby thinks her siblings and dear old Uncle Jack used her, when all she was trying to do was gain her freedom and respect from her father.

Meanwhile, everyone and their mother wants a piece of the Newman pie. Tucker goes to Katherine so they can team up and get a chunk of the company, but she refuses since he was the catalyst who created this mess. Jack and Ashley separately decide to snag a bit of Mr. Mumbles' company,  while Victoria tries to convince her siblings to do the same.

Later, Nikki tries to talk to Victor about his decision at the office. Diane lets Nikki know SHE is now the one to comfort Victor and slams the door in her face! Victor thinks his latest plan has screwed his kids over, but he forgot about one— Adam. The black sheep will get a a bite of the company, causing Victor to be royally pissed.

Adam/Sharon/Phyllis: Adam is hot on the trail of the missing camera Koa has, which shows Sharon didn't kill Skye. Adam is shocked when Phyllis arrives to help. He decided to let her since two sneaky heads are better than one. Big Red truly sees how much Adam loves Sharon. The pair heads off to Koa's room to look for clues and find out the camera isn't there anymore. Adam and Phyllis discover Koa has loaded dice in his things and figure out he's a gambler.

Adam slips a few bucks to the bellhop to get  info on underground gambling hot spots. The two get a lead on a seedy warehouse where gambling goes down and set off to wait for Koa. Phyllis decides to sex it up. She puts on a little red dress and sits next to Koa at the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Sharon is greatful her mother visits her in jail, that is until Doris lights into her. Doris lets Sharon know she's givin up on her. Doris can't fathom her daughter being with a man who let her believe her own child was dead. Mrs. Collins also calls Sharon a terrible mother and reveals she won't be in the courtroom to support her. Later, Nick comes for a visit with little Faith and tells a devastated Sharon to hang in there and be strong for Faith. The gesture touches Sharon.

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In Thailand, Phyllis turns on the charms with Koa, and switches out the dice with the loaded ones. Then she slips Koa a mickey! Koa is on a winning streak, which alarms the other gamblers. They discover the rigged dice and toss him out. Koa is completely out of it, as Phyllis and Adam carry him back to his hotel room and cuff him to the bed. Once Koa wakes up Adam tells him to give him the info he wants, but he shoots Adam down. Adam lets him know he's going to get it one way or another. Spooked,  Koa finally reveals he sold the camera to a kid at the market. Adam and Phyllis decide they need to regroup fast before it is too late for Sharon.

Chloe: The fashionista wonders what Jana is really up to.

Noah: He returns to Genoa City with Eden in tow, for a sad occasion.

Sharon: She starts to reevaluate her self-esteem, while her relationship with Adam starts to crumble. Sharon meets country veterinarian Sam who is smitten with her.

Lauren: The Fenmore heiress finds out what Daniel did with Daisy and blows up.

Cane: Is he really dead?

Jana: Her plan is discovered.

Heather: The legal eagle finally opens up about her feelings for Chance.