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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I wish there was a way when paraphrasing the episode for this column to express the intensity of some scenes, because the Spencer boys were on FIRE today.

Luke swears he didn’t see Jake and Lucky asks Luke again if he was drinking.  Luke says he had a drink, but insists he wasn’t drunk and that he can hold his liquor.  Lucky says he saw Luke take a drink while he and Siobhan were there, and wonders how many more Luke had before leaving.  Luke claims he doesn’t drive drunk, and swears he didn’t see Jake.  Luke says he’s been drinking since he was twelve and can function perfectly while drinking.  Luke continues to take drink after drink, and then starts to walk a straight line and touch his finger to his nose while Lucky begs him to stop.  Luke insists he’s stone cold sober and grabs another drink.  Lucky screams at him to stop and knocks the drink out of his hand.  Luke starts to cry. 

Luke says he’ll carry this for the rest of his life, but Lucky remains focused on the drinking.  Luke tells him to blame the drinking, but it never got him in trouble before.  Luke insists no one knows why this happened, but Lucky says his father’s drinking killed his son.  Lucky believes in the Spencer addiction curse, that Luke father passed it down to him, who passed it down to Lucky. 

Luke asks Lucky what he can do or say to ease his pain, but Lucky feels it’s too late.  Lucky admits he saw signs of his father’s alcoholism, but was in denial.  Luke asks him not to hate him, but Lucky feels he could never hate his father. He knows Luke loves him, like he loved Jake. 

Michael and Abby have the longest sex scene I’ve seen in a while, even on fast forward, since I couldn’t make myself watch it.  Then, they had some pillow talk that went on almost as long, and it consisted of “you’re my schmoopie.  No, you’re my schmoopie.”  That’s about all I could handle because seeing shirtless Michael made me feel like a dirty old lady.  I’m officially off the Mabby train.

Sam stops by to see Carly, who tells her about the call from Franco.  Sam insists she tell Jason, but Carly doesn’t want to bother him, since in his current state of mind, he might make a fatal mistake.  Carly insists she doesn’t want to play Franco’s game.

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Dante tells Jason the evidence against Luke is conclusive, but that it was clearly an accident.  Jason doesn’t accept that and feels Luke was drunk.  Dante says there’s no way of knowing that. 

Carly stops by the penthouse and tells Jason about Franco’s call.  He tells her to send the phone link to Spinelli and that she did the right thing by telling him.  Carly doesn’t want him to take the bait, knowing that Franco will torment him and going after Franco will be a suicide mission.  Jason tells her to go back to Joss and leave it with him.

Lulu gives Liz her condolences and apologizes for how she’s treated her in the past.  Liz doesn’t care anymore, but Lulu feels she shouldn’t have judged her, since Liz was always a wonderful sister in law and friend.  Talk turns to Lucky and Liz admits he talked her into the transplant. Lulu says it saved Joss, and a lot of other lives. 

Dante stops by and tells the girls they’ve found the driver and that it was a complete accident because of the darkness.  Liz wants to know who hit her son and both she and Lulu are shocked when Dante tells them it was Luke.  Lulu denies it, claiming the car with the forged plates must be guilty, but Dante says there is no doubt.  A shocked Liz asks them both to leave. While Lulu agrees to go, she feels Dante should stay so that Liz isn’t alone, but she insists on being alone. 

Lucky heads back to the PCPD and Dante lets him know that both Liz and Lulu know the truth, as does Jason who believes Luke was drunk.  Lucky says there is no proof of that and Luke won’t admit the alcohol is a problem.

A hysterical Lulu runs into Tracy on the street and lets her know about Luke. At first, Tracy denies that it could have been Luke, but then realizes that this means her husband will lose his son.

Carly’s back at the hospital with an adorable Josslyn, sucking on a teddy bear’s ear, when Shawn shows up and says he has a new job.  Carly is shocked when he reveals that he’s her new bodyguard. 

Lucky heads over to the penthouse, but Sam claims she doesn’t know where Jason is.  Lucky tells her about Luke and she insists again that she doesn’t know where Jason went.  He tells her that if she speaks to Jason before he can, tell him not to kill Luke.

Luke has a flashback memory of a young Lucky and angrily tears apart the Star.  Jason shows up and Luke tells him he was expecting him to show up and asks if he’s planning on killing him.  Jason asks if he was drinking, but Luke says he wasn’t drunk. Luke admits to driving the car that hit Jake.  Jason’s not accepting that, so Luke pulls out a gun and tells Jason to use it.