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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Unfortunately for me, Brenda and Sonny are back from their honeymoon today. On a much brighter note, Jane Elliot joins the group of actors knocking Jake's story out of the park!

Shawn tells Carly that Jason asked him to guard her, but instead, Carly wants him to help Jason find Franco. She thinks Shawn needs to watch Jason’s back.  Shawn insists he’s staying with her and Josslyn, so Carly gives in and makes a few demands, mostly that he do any driving and not hear things he shouldn’t.  Jax shows up, none too pleased to see Shawn hanging around, and even less so when he hears that Shawn is the new bodyguard. 

Carly explains to Jax about the message she received from Franco, and Jax is even angrier that she didn’t inform him right away, but went straight to Jason.  Carly says she wasn’t keeping it from him, that it just happened and Shawn says he will protect them with his life, which does not reassure Jax.  I can’t say that I really blame Jax.  Shawn was working for the Balkan all of five minutes ago.  Jax's solution to this problem is to take Joss away, but Carly reminds him she’s just had surgery and can’t go anywhere. Carly tells Jax she should go home with Joss, which Jax doesn’t agree to and heads off.  Carly apologizes to Shawn for the scene, but he says he didn’t see or hear anything. 

Lulu feels it was a tragic accident, but when Tracy finds out what time the accident happened; she realizes it was after cocktail hour.  Lulu insists Luke wasn’t drunk, but Tracy knows Lucky will blame the alcohol. 

Lucky is worried that Jason will want to seek revenge on his father.  Sam reminds Lucky that Jason is in a lot of pain.  Really Sam?  Contrary to your thoughts, Jason doesn’t have the market on pain cornered.  Sam wonders if Lucky can talk Luke into taking one of his vacations, but Lucky doesn’t think it will matter.  Sam tells him that Jason is grateful to Lucky for raising Jake, and Lucky finds it ironic that Jake was given up for his own protection while he might have been safer with Jason.  I'm sorry, but I will not buy that, no matter how much you try to make me.

Luke wonders if Jason wants him to use the gun on himself, but Jason feels he won’t use it because he’s too arrogant and the fact that Luke refuses to tell the truth about the drinking.  Jason drops the gun and leaves. 

Michael declares his love for Abby, who doesn’t share the same feelings, but insists he’s good for her. However, she feels he’s very young and she doesn’t want to put labels on their feelings.  She just wants to keep things as is until it ends.  Michael asks what she wants most in the world, and she says she doesn’t want him to buy her anything. He keeps pushing the issue and she asks for a peppermint latte, so they head out to get one.  Why am I getting so much Mabby and so little Liz in the middle of a Jake dying story??

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Brenda and Sonny are back from their honeymoon.  He heads out to see Jason, while she stays home to settle in.  Sonny meets with Jason, who tells him about Franco and Shawn.  Sonny offers his condolences and talks about the randomness of accidents, but Jason says it wasn’t random and Luke was the driver.  Jason explains about the seven possible drivers, and that if Luke hadn’t been drinking, Jake would still be alive. Jason echo's what Lucky said earlier about Jake possibly being safer if he stayed with Jason, but Sonny tells him not to second guess his decision now.  

Lulu comes home to Dante, who apologizes for her finding out about Luke the way she did.  Lulu feels this is the worst thing that could have happened and wishes she could find a way to make it not true. She also says she wishes the crime would have remained unsolved.   I wonder about the writing here, because through this whole scene it felt like Lulu was more upset that Luke was the driver than that Jake was hit and killed in the first place.

Lucky comes home to Siobhan, who’s ready to leave him alone, but he asks for a sounding board.  He asks if she remembers Luke drinking the night of the wedding and she remembers some alcohol.  She’s shocked when Lucky tells her Luke was the driver, but that Luke insists he wasn’t drunk.  Lucky explains his rocky past with his father and that he always drank, but that Lucky enabled him even though he knew it would catch up someday. 

Lucky blames himself because he was supposed to have the boys that night, and that he promised to guard Jake. Lucky feels  his selfishness set the stage for this to happen.  Siobhan insists he had no control over what happened.

Tracy shows up at the Star concerned about the state it’s in. She and Luke sit down for a talk.  They discuss Jason, but Luke says he’s already been there and wonders how Tracy found out.  She says Lulu told her and that Lulu is upset, afraid and protective of him.  Luke asks how he will get past this and wonders if Lucky will ever forgive him.  He tells Tracy Lucky thinks he was drinking and wants her to talk to Lucky, because it was an accident. Luke drills it in to Tracy that the accident was not because of alcohol and he’s not going to go on some twelve-step program and declare himself an alcoholic. He asks her again to talk to Lucky.  Tracy tells him she will, but she agrees with Lucky.  Tracy goes on to say Luke is human and alcohol impairs.  He denies being drunk and that he can only handle so much guilt.  Tracy tells him she loves him and will be there for him no matter what.

Michael and Abby are walking around when Brandon shows up.  Michael threatens him, but Brandon basically tells Abby to recant her statement against him, or he’ll make sure that Michael goes back to prison. 

Brenda stops by the hospital to talk to Carly.  Really Brenda?  You thought now was a good time?  She says their lives are combined now that she married Sonny and doesn’t want anyone to hold grudges. She wants to wipe the slate clean.

Sam comes home to find Jason sitting on the couch and heads upstairs letting him know she’s there if he needs her.  He apologizes, but she says she doesn’t need explanations because she loves him. 

Sonny stops by the Star and Luke’s not interested in anymore guilt from anyone and offers Sonny a drink.