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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brandon threatens Abby to recant her accusation or his lawyer will claim Michael and Dante made it all up.  Michael threatens Brandon several times before he finally leaves. Michael insists Abby will never be hurt again. 

Dante and Lulu continue their conversation from yesterday about Luke and Lucky. Dante suggests their are similarities between his family forgiving him for sending Michael to prison, and Lucky forgiving Luke for killing his son. However, Lulu disagrees and feels this will tear her family apart, because Lucky and Luke already have a rocky past.Lulu doesn't think Lucky will be able to get past this.

Michael and Abby show up, angry that Brandon has been released.  Dante is surprised, but assures them things will work out.  Michael blames the system that failed both him and Abby.  Abby decides she won’t testify, since the lawyer will make things bad for both Michael and Dante.   

Dante calls someone to ask about the details and is concerned about the new lawyer.  Lulu asks if they can make a case without Abby, but Dante’s worried about what Michael will do to Brandon. 

Michael claims he’s going to stop Brandon, but Abby tells him she doesn’t want Michael to kill him. Abby asks Michael to promise her that he won't go after Brandon.

Sonny tells Luke it wasn’t his fault, that it was an accident, and no one could have seen a little boy in the road in the dark.  I get that they said there were no street lights on that stretch of road, but does Luke’s car not have headlights?  Luke insists he’s responsible and Sonny asks if Luke is better off leaving for a while, but Luke says he refuses to run from Jason. 

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Sonny feels the accident would have happened regardless, and it’s just luck that Luke was the driver.  Luke feels everyone is blaming the alcohol, but he feels it wasn’t the cause and he is responsible for hitting Jake.  Luke asks what Sonny would do if it were his son. Sonny admits that he would kill him, but again insists it was an accident. 

Robin commends Patrick on a surgery he completed and the two joke about his God complex and kiss, while Lisa looks on.  Lisa distractedly runs into Steven, but assures him everything is fine and she’s grateful she’s been given a second chance.  Steve says next time the personal gets in the way of the professional, she’s gone. Lisa informs her boss that all of it is behind her.  He doesn’t believe her, saying she’s pretty good at saying what people want to hear.

Emma and the babysitter arrive and Patrick and Robin gush over their curly haired little girl and they all leave together.  Once home, Patrick apologizes for what he put Robin through and although she’s not forgetting it, she is accepting his apology.  Later on, Patrick is reading to Emma, while Lisa watches from the window. 

Theo and his thug are at the house of his grandson and the adoptive parents (who’s set looks an awful lot like CarJax’s old house).  The thug assures him that everything is set for him.  Theo’s waiting for the parents to show up, and is shocked when Suzanne arrives instead.  She says she gained the trust of some of his key men, but claims she wants the two of them to raise their grandson together.  He’s all for it, claiming he’ll give the child everything.  Suzanne is in agreement, but goes behind his chair, pulls out a razor and cuts Theo’s throat.  I didn’t know she had it in her.  Goodbye Daniel Benzali.

Brenda wants Carly to accept her marriage to Sonny, but Carly reminds her the kids are not part of the deal.  Carly says she doesn’t care about Brenda and only tried to protect Sonny.  Brenda assures her that Sonny doesn’t need protection and Carly says she’ll encourage the kids not to spend time with her. She also issues a warning to Brenda to stay away from the kids.  Shawn walks up, as Carly and Brenda are arguing.  I don’t understand where Brenda’s coming from in terms of Carly’s kids.  Joss doesn’t belong to Sonny and Michael is an adult, so the only one who might view Brenda as stepmother would be Morgan and he certainly doesn’t qualify as "kids". 

After Brenda leaves, Carly thanks Shawn for helping her and is not happy that Brenda is trying to butt in.  She feels Brenda has no idea what it’s like to find out your daughter has cancer and to have to ask your best friend for his dead son’s kidney.  Later on, when Carly returns from a coffee run, she finds Shawn talking and playing with Josslyn assuring her he will keep her and her mother safe.

When Sonny gets home, Brenda tells him about her visit with Carly and that all she wants is a truce. After that, Brenda asks about his visit with Jason.  Sonny tells her that Jason doesn’t believe it was an accident and that Luke was drunk.  Sonny admits that he’s seen Luke drink, but is sure his tolerance level is higher.  Sonny realizes it could just as easily have been him that hit Jake and feels if it had been, he’d want the parents to end his life. 

Liz stops by the Star to see Luke and proceeds to blame herself for not paying attention to Jake.  Luke says he’s responsible, but she says she could have let Lucky take the boys to the wedding and didn’t.  She says she’s made some selfish choices, which cost her Lucky and now her son.  Liz brings up the argument that Jake might have been safer with Jason as his father. Again, I disagree with that.   She apologizes to Luke, who again says she’s not to blame and admits he’d had a couple of drinks and to blame the booze.  She says it doesn’t matter since Jake is still gone.