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One Life to Live Recap: Locked Inside Your Prison

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Jessica:  Look, you said you know how it feels to be kept from your son, but don’t do that to me.  Please!  If you have a heart, please!

Jessica accuses Ford of using Ryder for his trust fund, but Ford is adamant that his love for and commitment to Ryder are true.  Jessica begs to see Ryder, and once they’re reunited, she tearfully apologizes for leaving him.  Jess informs Ford that she and Brody are taking their son home, and Ford panics.  He wants to call the police, but the Boys In Blue won’t arrest their own, especially without cause.  Ford uses Brody and Natalie’s indiscretion to deliberately push Jessica to the point of Tess returning, who immediately wants nothing to do with Ryder.  Brody desperately tries to reach Jessica while reprimanding Ford, who was “forced” to compromise Jessica’s mental health.

Later, Tess applauds Ford, who “feels like crap” for ripping apart Jessica, for his reprehensible tactics.  He threatens Tess with St. Ann’s if she doesn’t act appropriately until the case is decided.

After visiting Todd, Natalie talks with Shaun.  She’s surprised by his recent altercation with Tomas, and Shaun is sympathetic that she and John are barely speaking.  He was aware of their problems thanks to Destiny’s obsession with “Access Llanview,” but he didn’t realize things were so bad.  It's bad enough that John is seeing Kelly, sighs Natalie.

Blair confides in John that she’s grown slightly suspicious of Tomas, following John’s concerns and finding Tomas at Todd’s bedside.  John divulges that Tomas doesn’t have a record, but remains cautious and asks Blair to do the same.  She can’t promise she’ll actually listen, but she can offer John the impossibly coincidental golden balloon wedding photo.

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Dani walks into Capricorn, as Tomas plays piano.  He has many talents, but he’s only “a dabbler.”  They get to know each other, and seeing Dani’s strife, Tomas encourages her to believe in miracles.  As he gives her a comforting hug, Blair enters and orders him to let go, but she apologizes for overreacting. 

Dani talks to her about Jack.  She thinks Jack took Shane’s inhaler, but Blair believes Jack wouldn’t deliberately endanger someone’s life.  Besides, the issues stemmed from Shane, not Jack.  Blair suggests that any possible out-of-character behavior is a direct, yet temporary, result of Todd’s crisis.  Dani sits with Tomas, as he plays piano, while Blair watches them curiously.

Jack is about to confess his malicious treatment of Shane at Todd’s bedside, when Starr and James enter.  He claims to have cut school and doesn’t want Blair to know, but Starr thinks she would be understanding.  Jack gets bratty, railing on about his issues with Dani, Nate, and even James.  He hurls insults, and James gets in his face, until Starr shuffles Jack out of the room.  In the hall, Shaun wishes he could do something to make Jack feel better, and when Jack falls asleep in a chair, Shaun gently covers him with a coat.

Seeing the picture of James, Starr, and Ryder, Deanna draws the wrong conclusions.  She’s upset that he didn’t wait for her and decides to skip town without making her presence known.  As she leaves her motel room, she bumps into Rick and knocks his camera to the ground.  Rick turns on the charm, calling her a model and wondering if her bad day involves a guy. 

Rick’s attention makes Deanna smile.  He’s involved in “feature films,” and he offers her an opportunity to start over.  She’s dubious, but takes his card and returns to her room.  Intent on staying in Llanview, she friends James on MyFace, who’s anxious upon receiving the request.

Clint laughs at Bo for arresting him yet again with no evidence, but Bo’s happy to report he was caught on a “XXX” tape with the smoking gun.  Clint is stunned as he’s placed in handcuffs.  At the station, Natalie is shocked to see that her uncle has arrested her father for Eddie’s murder. 

Natalie thinks it’s insane, but John lists all of Clint’s crimes and is sorry to report that everything’s true.  She blasts him for knowing about the investigation and keeping her in dark, pointing out that she wasn’t the only one approaching the altar with a secret.  John insists their individual secrets aren’t in the same league, and Natalie accuses him of turning things into a contest. 

Bo plays the DVD for Clint, who asks for a lawyer.  Bo encourages him to spare the family a “media circus” of a trial, and Clint confesses into the recorder... that “[his] brother can go to hell.”  Annoyed, Bo pulls Clint from his chair and, ostensibly, escorts him to a cell. 

When Brody arrives at the station, Natalie sees that he’s shaken.  Jessica returned, but before they could reclaim Ryder and go home, Ford forced Tess to return.  Natalie is livid, while Brody is utterly devastated.  She pulls him into a comforting embrace, which is spied by John, who nods.