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One Life to Live Recap: Madhouse

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Marty:  I know who Liam’s parents really are.

Brody confides in Natalie that he wishes he had done things differently with Jessica, but Natalie thinks he’s being unfair to himself.  As Brody readies a bottle, Natalie is stunned to find Marty on her doorstep.  Scared for Liam, Natalie yells for Brody.  Marty promises she was discharged and she apologizes, admitting she was wrong to torment Natalie, and assuring them she’s no longer a threat.  She delivers a cryptic statement about Liam’s parentage, insisting she wants to rectify Natalie’s situation and help Jessica.  Natalie and Brody are dubious, and Natalie fumes when Marty reveals John vouched for Marty’s mental health which directly led to her release.

Marty admires Brody’s protectiveness and devotion to Liam and Natalie, but Brody remains unnerved and asks her to leave.

As they lie in bed, John teases Kelly over her eloquent “Bo Bags Bro” headline.  She asks John to breakfast, and when he hesitates, she wonders if she crossed a line.  They appreciate their “no strings’ relationship, but they acknowledge that being together eases their respective pain.  As they kiss, Natalie storms in, which angers John. 

Kelly slinks out as Natalie slams John for orchestrating Marty’s release.  She accuses John of lacking concern for Liam simply because Liam doesn’t share John’s DNA, and she wonders if John is as crazy as Marty.  Natalie was completely blind-sided by Marty’s appearance, and she’s thankful she had Brody.  How “cozy!”

She screams at John for acting out of “pure spite,” demanding he stop punishing her.  Liam’s safety is paramount and John’s apathy has grown weary, but when an exasperated Natalie tries to leave, John grabs her arm.  She demands he unhand her, but when he does, they connect for a brief moment.  Natalie questions it, but John shuts down and orders her out.

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Cutter arrives at the mansion, delighted about the headline.  His happiness fades when Joey attacks him for preying on Jessica, and Aubrey is livid to realize he lied.  Tess surprised Cutter, but he thinks everything worked out because Jessica’s back, but Joey bursts his bubble. 

After Joey leaves the room, Aubrey blasts Cutter, insisting any involvement with Jessica is a bad idea.  He thinks she’s falling for Joey, and he orders her to “choose.”  Joey overhears, and Cutter claims he was irritated that his version of events was ignored regarding Jessica.  Joey understands, but he doesn’t appreciate ultimatums being delivered to his wife in his house. 

Aubrey is moved that Joey stuck up for her, and she vows to stay by his side whether or not he has any money.  She (genuinely?) admits Joey is all she’s ever wanted.  Kelly arrives to offer sympathy over Clint’s arrest and Aubrey grows possessive.

Rick brings Deanna coffee.  He inquires about the state of her love life, but she doesn’t think he can understand.  She thanks him for the coffee and orders him to leave her alone. 

Langston drags Starr to the Buenos Dias for “real food.”  They discuss “making it official”: Starr and James via MyFace and David and Dorian’s marriage.  Starr offers her a shoulder, but Langston must be strong for herself, and though she wanted to call Ford after reading about Clint killing Eddie, it would be a step back. 

Tess joyously throws the newspaper in the faces of the Ford brothers, amused that her father killed theirs, and believing it’s wonderful news for the custody case.  She wants to go shopping, but Ford forbids it.  She’ll online shop instead and over James’ protestations, she grabs his computer and spies Deanna’s request.

Tess determines that he has a past with Deanna and she harasses him mercilessly until James demands Ford keep the “Kardashian wannabe” away from him.  Tess tries to go out for food, but Ford suspects she wants to see Cutter.  He worries Clint’s arrest will work against them by Viki cutting ties with the “liability” thereby leaving her as the sole responsible caregiver.  Ford threatens to chain down Tess, but he offers to get food if James will watch her and Ryder.

While Ford is out and James is singing to the baby, Deanna arrives.  Tess allows her to believe Ryder belongs to James and emotionally eviscerates Deanna with declarations that James is uninterested.  Later, Ford informs Tess that the judge is ruling immediately.

Starr gives Langston and Ford time alone and they endure a moment of awkward small talk.  Langston leaves to work on her script as James arrives for more job hunting.  Starr spies the friend request from Deanna and she questions him about her.

When Deanna returns from her run in with Tess, Rick finds her heartbroken and panicking that she’s broke.  There’s a predatory glint in his eye as he offers to make her a star.