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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It's Jake’s memorial day, but Lucky did not appear onscreen.  I guess he fell into the same hole Ethan, Bobbie and Audrey are hiding in.

Carly stops by the Star to see if Luke is going to the memorial, but he feels it wouldn’t be right to be there.  He tells her both Lucky and Jason think he was drunk, and she asks if he was, but he denies it.  Carly tells him since he stood by her, she’ll stand by him. Carly suggests that Luke take off for a while, but Luke is not interested in her idea. Carly commiserates that she knows a lot about regret, but Luke says regret won’t bring Jake back. 

Jason has trouble tying his tie and seeing his anguish, Sam tries to help.  He admits he doesn’t know how he’ll be able to go to the memorial.  He feels he missed all the important days with Jake, except the day he was born and the day he died.  Sam offers to run interference for him.  Jason remembers walking around with Michael as a baby and he missed that with Jake.  Sam tells him he gave up Jake because he loved him and will always be his father.  Sam tells Jason he doesn’t need to go to the memorial.

When Nikolas shows up to pick up Liz to take her to the memorial, she’s not dressed and starts talking about cookies that she had baked for the boys.  Nik offers to cancel the memorial, but she decides she’ll be there for Jake; the way she wasn’t the night he was hit. 

Michael spent the night on the floor of Abby's apartment, blocking her door from Brandon.  Abby reminds him that she’s planning on dropping the charges, but he feels Brandon needs to pay and shouldn’t be allowed to walk free.  She’s decides she’s not going to the memorial with him, but will go and see the lawyer.  Michael mentions a restraining order and tells her to stand up to Brandon, or he will.

Brenda tells Sonny she’s not going to the service with him, because she doesn’t want to be perceived as disrespectful.  She’s not happy about Shawn kicking her out of the hospital, but Sonny takes Carly’s side, saying it wasn’t the best time to offer the olive branch.  Sonny decides to skip the memorial to stay home with her.  I guess that’s easier than finding Brenda a babysitter. Shesh. Later on, he has a birthday cake for her and tells her to make a wish and blow out the candle.  He asks what her wish was, but she says it’s not possible.

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Patrick and Steven discuss hospital stuff before the service.  Lisa asks Patrick to consult on a case with her, but he’s going to the memorial.  Robin and Emma show up, waiting for the babysitter to take Emma.  Kristina arrives, on her way to her shrink appointment and offers to take Emma to the park after she’s done.  Robin thanks her, but the babysitter shows up in time to take Emma, and Patrick and Robin head off.  Lisa watches the whole exchange.

Kristina comes out of her session crying, and Lisa plays to her sympathies.  Kris mentions waiting to hear from Yale, and Lisa commiserates.  The two talk and Lisa insists that whatever Kristina might have heard about her isn't true. Lisa goes on to tell Kristina her story about finally getting into college and meeting a great guy.

Jax is annoyed that Shawn is watching over him while he sits with Josslyn.  When Carly arrives, she thanks Shawn for staying with Joss while they go to the service.  Jax asks if she’s had anymore contact from Franco, but she says no, and he says he’s alerted his contacts at Interpol.  Carly tells him they need to get along for the sake of Jason, Lucky and Liz.

Luke stops by to see Josslyn, but Shawn stops him from going into the room.  Luke insists he’s Carly’s uncle and she wouldn’t mind him visiting, but Jason comes around the corner and says he would.  Jason tells Luke that he has to live with what he’s done and never to say that it wasn’t his fault.

After the memorial, which we didn’t see, Lulu is sad that her father didn’t attend, but Dante understands why Luke didn’t.  Lulu feels it would have been the start of mending fences between Luke and Lucky.  Dante gets a call from Mac to take Luke’s statement about that night.

Michael returns from the memorial and tells Abby that Jason didn’t show.  He says it made him glad he’s alive and that he can’t change whom he is.  Abby says she spoke to the lawyer, who will be calling Michael as a hostile witness, and dropped the charges.  They argue about it, but she asks him to respect her decision that she doesn’t want a trial.  They hug and she feels that he has a gun. Michael tells Abby he’s going to do whatever it takes to protect her.  I’m so very tired of these two and their round and round conversations.

Nikolas and Liz get back home and she talks about Steve’s eulogy and Lucky’s prayer.  She mentions Lucky’s faith in God, but wonders why God wasn’t watching over her son.  Carly and Jax arrive and offer their condolences. The former couple tells Liz they’re grateful for the gift that Joss has received.  Elizabeth tells them to accept their daughter as a miracle and cherish every moment with her.

After CarJax leave, Liz tells Nik she wants to be left alone, but he feels badly leaving her and offers to call Steven or her grandmother.  She assures him that Steven will be back soon and asks him to kiss the boys, who are staying at Wyndemere.  After Nikolas leaves, Liz finds the DNA results and looks at them.  Suddenly, she angrily picks up a vase of flowers and throws them across the room. 

Carly gets back to the hospital and thanks Shawn for staying.  He says Jason is with Josslyn, and Carly tells him he can take a break.  She watches from the door as Jason reads a book to Josslyn.

Luke returns to the Star to find Dante waiting for him to take his statement.  Dante asks if he was drunk, but Luke assures him that he was as sober that night as he is now.  Dante asks if he has memories of that night and Luke claims he remembers everything, except hitting Jake.  Dante asks if he was distracted and how much he’d had to drink.  Lulu listens at the door.