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One Life to Live Recap: Stand Up

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Echo:  Shane...  Your son is not a bully.  He’s a victim!

After a rendezvous, Echo wants to go on a date, but Charlie needs to be there for Viki.  Echo doesn’t know where she stands, and Charlie is torn, but he must support Viki in court.  Rex arrives as Charlie is leaving, and Echo claims that Charlie was “fixing [her] pipes.”  Rex is worried because because Shane is acting uncharacteristically; stealing, bullying other kids, and tossing his inhaler.

Shane is teased during gym class, and as he’s using his inhaler, a basketball is thrown at him.  Shane takes the high road and extends compassion to Jack, but Jack takes it as an affront, and belittles Shane until he leaves for the locker room.  Jack and his posse steal Shane’s clothes and wait for him.  He walks out, wearing only a towel, as the a multitude of classmates including the cheerleaders gather around, pointing and laughing. 

Echo doesn’t want to break Shane’s confidence, but when Rex reveals that Shane could’ve died recently, she relents.  She accidentally discovered the cyberbullying, and Shane confided in her, but pleaded with her to keep quiet.  Rex is upset that Echo has known for two months, but he understands her conflict and appreciates her allegiance to Shane.  He hacks Shane’s MyFace page, horrified to see the extent of Shane’s victimization.

When Shane tries to leave, Jack pulls off his towel and Shane is mortified.  He runs out of the gym as Jack laughs until he’s busted by Starr.  Jack claims it was a joke and he’s about to leave when Gigi and Rex arrive, and Rex slams Jack into the wall.

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Viki visits Clint in jail, needing him to sign an affidavit relinquishing his custodial petition.  They discuss Jessica’s brief return, and Clint blames Brody, but Viki defends him, insisting Jessica was too fragile to withstand the trauma inflicted by Ford.  Clint “spouts off” about effecting an end for Ford similar to Eddie.  He vows he’s not a murderer, but Viki’s no longer certain of his capabilities. 

Ford and Tess believe their case is a slam dunk, but their attorney reminds them that Viki stands as a viable parent for Ryder.  Ford knows the judge may view him as the “gigolo married to a crazy person,” and their lawyer warns them to be on their best behavior in and out of court.

In the courtroom, Nora hates that Clint’s arrest may negatively affect the custody case, but Bo has faith in her new strategy.  Ryder must come first and Bo is supportive, but worried about Nora.  She’s plagued by an ominous feeling that she’s missing crucial piece of her memory, and she fears Clint will, once again, wiggle out of the charges. 

Court begins, and Viki arrives with the signed affidavit from Clint.  Viki assures the judge she’s able and happy to care for Ryder, and despite her career, she has plenty of help.  Ford balks over Ryder being raised by nannies, but Viki meant family and a loving husband.  Charlie arrives, and after a brief hesitation, assures the judge he’s willing to act as a parent to Ryder.  Tess accuses Charlie of being “a liar and a cheat,” but when she tries to expand on her claim, the judge and her attorney reprimand her for attacking without substantiation. 

A recess is called, and Nora calms Viki by insisting Tess’ modus operandi is provocation.  On Viki’s way out, she vows to beat Tess.  Tess decides to blow up the “smug bitch’s” life, and she texts the unsavory picture of Echo and Charlie to Viki.

Charlie returns to Echo’s room.  Viki desperately needs his support, so he must end things with Echo.

Bo visits his brother, urging him to plead guilty to spare the family pain and allow them to move on.  Clint maintains his innocence, but if that’s true, why was he at the scene of the crime with the murder weapon?  Clint teases that he knows who committed the crime.  Clint used to be Bo’s hero, and Bo is disheartened to realize Clint has lost his heart and soul and in danger of never regaining them.  As Nora struggles to piece together her memories, Clint warns Bo that if he continues to press the issue, Bo’s family will be destroyed.

Starr realizes she saw Deanna at the cafe, and James doesn’t think that’s possible.  Gigi notices the picture on James’ computer as “the girl with the funky laptop.”  James asks about Gigi’s encounter, wherein she observed that Deanna seemed “broke and bummed.”  After Starr leaves to pick up Jack, James presses Gigi for information, but all she knows is that Deanna is staying at a motel.

Deanna is suspicious of Rick’s motives, and she finally figures out that he’s involved in adult films.  She’s uninterested, but Rick knows she’s broke, and he tries to coax her with assurances of cash at the end of every day worked.  Later, James shows up at the motel, but she doesn’t answer her door.