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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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After the memorial service, Lucky stops by Crimson looking for Lulu, but finds Maxie instead. She offers him her condolences and thanks him on behalf of organ recipients everywhere.  Lucky admits that he doesn’t know how to comfort Liz, and replays that night in his head over and over.  He admits he was annoyed when Liz interrupted his wedding, because he thought she was just trying to stop him. However, all that changed once she told him about Jake's accident.

Lucky says he always wondered what Jake would grow up to be like.  Maxie remembers when Cam and Jake were at Emma’s party and assures him that Jake was happy and secure, thanks to him.  Spinelli shows up and offers Lucky his condolences.  Lucky leaves saying he has something to face. 

Carly wants Jason to have a relationship with Josslyn, like his relationship with Michael.  Jason wonders what Joss will be like at Michael’s age, and Carly feels she’ll be perfect, just like Michael.  Jason says he’s going after Franco, but Carly tells him to grieve and heal first. 

Dante asks how much Luke had to drink, but he says he wasn’t drunk and was in complete control.  Luke also reminds Dante that he can’t prove if Luke was drunk or not and that anyone could have hit Jake, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Lulu comes in and assures Dante that her father would never drink and drive, and she’s never seen him full-fledged drunk.  Dante tells them it will be ruled an accident.  Luke takes a drink and Lulu admonishes him, but Luke says he’s not changing his ways.  Lulu says Lucky is grieving and Luke shouldn’t drink and be sensitive to his son.  Lulu tells him not to give Lucky a reason to blame him, but Luke reminds her he is to blame. 

Abby’s angry that Michael could go back to prison if he’s caught with the gun.  Michael says he won’t leave her unprotected.  She just wants to put Brandon out of their lives and tells Michael to stop seeing Carter everywhere he looks.  She assures him that Brandon won’t come around.  Michael says he won’t be able to live with himself if something happens to Abby, so he is keeping the gun.

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Sonny gives Brenda a necklace for her birthday.  She is sad about the child she lost and annoyed that she’s now thinking he’s out there somewhere.  Sonny says he’ll hire an investigator and look into it.  Robin drops by, so Sonny leaves the women to talk.  Brenda says she feels like a jerk, being so happy in love when others have lost a child, but Robin assures her she deserves to be happy.  Robin tells her that she and Patrick are back together.  Brenda wonders about the trust issue between them, but Robin feels time has been wasted.  Robin loves being a mom and says having Emma completed her family. 

Sonny stops by the hospital to see Carly.  She snarks him out about Brenda, but he says he’s not there to fight.  She wonders why he wasn’t at the memorial and he admits he’s a douchebag.  Oh no, wait, that just happened in my head!  Carly tells him they need to stand by Jason.  Sonny tells her if she needs anything to let him know.  Sonny says Joss is strong like her mother and he’s glad she’ll be ok.

Michael stops by the penthouse, looking for Jason.  Sam leaves him to run errands.  When Jason shows up, Michael asks if he needs anything.  Jason tells him to work towards his future, because life is a gift and to make the most of it. 

Spinelli and Maxie make small talk and he gives her a copy of his book.  He’s happy she’s doing a write up for it in Crimson.  Spin tells Maxie she was the inspiration for the book and she tells him that she’s proud of him and will always love him.

Lulu feels Luke wants Lucky to punish him and that she needs to explain it all to Lucky.  Dante tells her she’s been trying to take care of everyone and she needs time to grieve.

When Sam gets back to the penthouse, Jason tells her about Michael’s visit. Jason goes on to say that he has choices and wonders if it was right to give up Jake.  He says he agrees with Sonny’s comment that you don’t save a child by giving him up.  He feels he missed out on a chance to know his son. 

Brandon shows up at Abby’s to thank her for dropping the charges, and then proceeds to beat her up.  When Michael returns to the apartment and finds her bruised up, he takes off after Brandon.  Michael finds him in an alley, tells him to stay away from Abby and pulls the gun on him.

Luke takes a drink and then pours it out, filling the glass with water instead.  Lucky shows up.  Luke tells him Dante took his statement.  Lucky admits there is no way to prove that Luke was intoxicated.  He sees Luke’s glass and wonders if Luke is now drinking vodka; if he’s suddenly lost the taste for scotch.