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One Life to Live Recap: Shock to the System

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Clint:  Your son.  Matthew shot Eddie Ford.

Nora lays out the timeline of Eddie's murder, remembering that his room was unlocked and she walked in.  She panics, realizing she saw something shocking, and passes out. 

Viki is shaken by the text of Echo and Charlie.  She bumps into Bo as he’s walking Clint to his arraignment, and both men worry.  When she mumbles that “everything’s changed,” Clint fears the custody case went south, but Viki’s just under a lot of stress.  Clint assures her that Charlie is a good man, and his support is beneficial, but she remains dazed.  Bo thinks Viki needs support from everyone, but Clint has made a mess of everyone’s lives.

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Bo and Clint enter the courtroom, and Bo rushes to Nora’s side, pulling her into his arms.  Scared, Bo wants to take her to the hospital, but she’s fine, although distressed that fainting prevented her from learning the truth.  Clint cautions her that she doesn’t want to remember, but she vows to do “whatever it takes” to remember and nail Clint. 

Nora and Clint face-off, and he warns that if she pushes the issue, she will regret it for the rest of her life.  Nora vows to charge him with Murder One, but Clint has other ideas: they’re going to drop the charges and let him go.  Bo wonders why they would do that when he’s guilty.  Clint wishes he had killed Eddie, but he was too late.  Clint informs Bo that the guilty party is someone Bo loves, and Nora fears Clint means her.  Bo resists, but Nora certainly had motive, and clearly means and opportunity.  Clint puts Nora out of her misery: she’s not the murderer, Matthew is.

As Rex slams Jack into the wall, Jack appeals to Gigi, claiming innocence.  Starr defends her brother until Rex and Gigi reveal that Jack has been tormenting Shane and MyFace is proof.  Rex reads from his phone, berating Jack for stating that Shane is “better off dead.”  Grabbing the phone, Starr is aghast to discover the bullying.  No one can believe how cruel and vicious Jack has been, but they’re certain Jack’s behind Shane’s missing inhaler and the stolen money.  Starr recalls the scene she came upon, informing Gigi that Shane was naked, humiliated by Jack and others.  Jack begs Starr to do something, but she promises Gigi the principal will be notified.

Home from school, Shane relives his nightmare of a day.  He feels he can’t return to school, but he’s relieved to realize no one has posted the incident online.  Viki arrives, looking for Charlie, but he’s not there, and Shane sadly reveals that Charlie cancelled on a project they were supposed to do together.  He misses Charlie, especially since his “new grandpa doesn’t want [him].”  Viki half-heartedly defends Clint, but Shane knows Clint is charged with murder.  He’s certain Clint will beat the charges because that’s what rich people do. 

After Rex and Gigi leave to find Shane, Jack accuses Starr of being disloyal.  She knows he’s been a brat, but she believes he’s a good kid.  She wants answers, but Jack storms out.  He encounters Brad, and he’s shaken when he reveals that Shane’s parents know everything.  Brad, who’s delighted by Shane’s degradation, pressures Jack into posting the video of Shane.

Viki promises Charlie loves Shane no matter what, but he’s dejected.  She’s concerned, but Shane promises he’ll be fine.  After Viki leaves, Shane is devastated to see the video of him naked in the gym is now on MyFace.  Rex and Gigi return home, frantically calling out for Shane, but instead they find a letter.  Gigi is terrified to realize what the letter truly is: a suicide note.

Charlie waffles between lying to Viki and disappointing Echo.  He hates what he’s doing, and he knows he can’t have both women.  Viki is compassionate, but Echo accepts him, and he’s torn.  The losses of Rex and Jared are fueling his actions, and Clint is to blame for orchestrating his current heartbreak.  Echo remains mum.  Charlie admits he has fallen in love with Echo, and she feels the same.  He decides to tell Viki the truth once the custody case is over, and they fall into bed.  Viki arrives, and finding Echo’s door unlocked, she catches the cheaters in flagrante.

James has a run-in with the manager of the Minuteman, who wants the rent from “that bitch,” as Deanna prepares to do the porn.  She has no illusions, but she freaks when she meets the lascivious cast and crew.  Rick preys upon her insecurities until she recommits.  James arrives and, horrified, removes Deanna from the situation as Rick promises she will regret it.  Back in her room, she and James share a tense reunion until she realizes she misunderstood, thanks to the “cotton-candy blonde,” James’ relationship with Ryder.  She surprises him with a kiss.