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Then We Got Help Returns for a Hysterical Second Season!

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Want to take a break from all the daytime doom and gloom? I can think of any better way than spending a few minutes watching new episodes of the laugh-out-loud funny Then We Got Help. The webseries—which is back for its second season—kicks off with “Haven’t We Been Here Before?”, revealing what our favorite characters have been up to since we last saw them. 

Then it is back into the wonderful group therapy dynamic that made the first season so much fun. Each episode is a comedic gem, with episode four “Exercise Your Demons” being especially funny.  If you missed a moment of Then We Got Help season one–Starring Julie Ann Emery, former One Life to Live star Nicholas Rodriguez, Blake Hammond, Sean Mahon, Susan Ferrara, Alan Campbell, Kristen Shaw, Kevin Earley and Jessica Rush–be sure to visit Watch episodes one through four of Then We Got Help’s season two after the jump!

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