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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Carly Starts to Unravel!


Carly: Dr. Manning freaks out on Daniel and Jennifer. They begin to wonder what is going with their friend.

Melanie: She is tormented by a masked man.

EJ/Sami: The DiMera heir has a talk with Sami about "Rafe". She grudgingly agrees with what EJ has to say.

CloneRafe/Sam/Fay: Sami fills "Rafe" in on Fay taking a tumble down the DiMera stairs. CloneRafe slips up and feigns sadness about her death! Sami corrects him about Fay being alive in the hospital and CloneRafe starts to panic. Sami also panics when she sees "her husband" spazzing out over Fay. Fay regains consciousness and sees EJ at her side, causing her to go into cardiac arrest.

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EJ leaves and CloneRafe sneaks in with a needle, intent on giving Fay an air bubble in her IV! Sami walks in wonders what the hell he's doing in Fay's room. CloneRafe says he's concerned for Fay's well being and talks about how much she means to him. A suspicious Sami hauls "Rafe" out of the hospital room. Meanwhile, Nicole starts to wonder what exactly is going on when she discovers Fay's cell phone and pills on a table in the foyer. Were they planted?

Nicole goes to the hospital to sit with her mother, who wakes up. Fay manges to say "EJ..... Secret," Unnerved, Nicole goes back to the DiMera mansion and CloneRafe returns to Fay's room dressed in scrubs...

Victor/Brady: Granfather and grandson continue to war with each other.

Chad/Abby: The latest DiMera spawn asks Ms. Deveraux for help moving into his new place, the DiMera mansion! Abby is shocked Chad tells her he wants to move into the mansion and the two bicker about the dastardly DiMeras. Nonetheless, Abby helps Chad move his things in, and they discover the housekeeper cleaning up Fay's blood! Stefano arrives and tells the two about Fay's fall down the steps, while Kate gives Chad a warm welcome to his new home.

Chad thanks his stepmother for everything she's done to bring him to his new family, since he has no other family members. Stefano is very happy his wife and son are getting along so well, but his demeanor sours when he hears Abby chatting with Chad about the bloodstain. Abby tells Chad the stain on the floor may be a omen of what's to come.

Vivian/Chloe: Madam Alamain enjoys taunting the songbird.