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One Life to Live Spoilers: Shane Attempts Suicide!

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An attempted suicide, a cheating couple  and a killer reveal turn things upside down in Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of April 4.

Shane/Jack/Rex/Gigi/Blair:  Rex and Gigi  race to the school, only to find Shane about to jump off the roof. Shane is going to tell his parents all about his bullying and his reasons for wanting to end it all. Rex and Gigi will talk Shane off the roof and the family of three head to the hospital. Word about Shane's almost tragedy will get around Llanview. At the hospital, Rex will fall apart while talking to Bo and Gigi will crumble in front a nurse.

In the meantime, Starr will inform her mother of Jack's recent actions involving Shane. Blair will refuse to believe Starr, until she sees the proof on MyFace. Blair will have a talk with Jack about Shane and she will be astonished by Jack's uncaring attitude for his actions. When Jack takes things too far, Blair will strike her son. Blair is going to force Jack to take the video of Shane off MyFace. Jack will storm off saying that Blair is not a good mother. A little later, Blair will confess to Starr that she actually hit Jack. When Blair thinks she is a bad mother, Starr will convince mother that she's the best. How will Jack and Shane's families cope with recent events?

Starr/Marty/John/Natalie/Kelly: Starr will be floored to find Marty with Hope. Starr will feel uneasy about Marty alone with Hope. Marty is going to tell Starr that she wants to be part of Hope's life. Starr leaves, and Marty will disclose that she still has issues with Natalie’s child. Meanwhile, John will be thinking about Liam after having a conversation with Tea. Kelly is going to pop up, looking for a scoop for her story. John will kiss her and an unseen Marty will witness the entire exchange. Marty will attempt to widen to the space between Natalie and John by pointing out how they are moving on from each other. A little later, Natalie will see that John still has a copy of Liam's sonogram. The sonogram picture will give Natalie hope that she and John can fix things. However, she will share a special moment with Brody. Will Marty go after Natalie?

Cutter/Aubrey/Joey/Rama: Aubrey will realize that Joey is jealous of John and Kelly's relationship. Aubrey will decide she needs to have another talk with Cutter about their game plan. Rama is going to distract Joey, as Aubrey and Cutter talk and share a close moment. Speaking of Cutter, he and Tess pick things up where they left off and share a passionate kiss. Will Aubrey and Cutter be able to keep things together to get what they want?

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Viki/Charlie/Echo:  After getting over the initial shock of walking in on Charlie and Echo, Viki will take some responsibility for Charlie straying with Echo, because she has been engrossed in her own problems. Charlie is going to attempt to console Viki, but she is not having it. Viki will hint to Charlie that his affair with Echo means nothing, but Charlie will beg to differ. Charlie is going to inform his wife that his feelings for Echo are real. Viki will leave and run into Tea. Viki is going to let off some steam to Tea and decides to go back and see Echo. Needless to say, Viki will tell Echo exactly what she thinks of her. How much has Charlie's tryst affected Viki's already shaken state of mind? 

Tomas/Tea/Dani/Shaun: Tea is going to confront John about his investigation of Tomas. Tea will inform John that he is barking up the wrong tree about her brother and Todd's shooting. Eventually, the two will discuss Natalie and Tea is going to attempt to get John reunite with his former flame. Meanwhile, Tomas will be attempting to get some information out of Dani. Later on, Shaun and Tea will connect over their respective problems. What kind of information does Tomas need from Dani?

James/Deanna: James will end his kiss with Deanna and tell her he loves Starr. The two begin to talk and James will find out that Deanna is broke and homeless. Out of the goodness of his heart, James is going to invite Deanna to stay with him at Ford's apartment until she can get on her feet. How will Starr react to Deanna living with James?

David/Dorian: David and Dorian will return from their trip with bad news. It turns out; David is going to need a scriptwriter for his newest endeavor, “Vicker Man”. The Newly Wed couple will try to get Langston to assume the scriptwriting position for Vicker Man in Los Angeles. Will Langston take the job?

Bo/Nora: Bo and Nora will not believe Clint's confession that Matthew killed Eddie Ford. Is Clint telling the truth or is it all another lie?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (April 11):

  • Viki and Charlie Call it quits!
  • Marty asks John if he would do things differently.
  • Natalie gives John his ring back.
  • Wendy Williams Returns!
  • Tomas busts Tea snooping through Todd's things.
  • Markko shows up in Llanview.
  • Starr and Deanna finally meet.