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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Day three of Jake’s memorial and Elizabeth is nowhere to be found, but Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary continue to hit it out of the park.


Lucky wonders why Luke wasn’t at the service, but he feels that it wasn’t right for him to be there.  Lucky calls his bull and feels he knows the real reason that Luke didn’t attend was that he was feeling guilt and remorse and didn’t want to have to be surrounded by all the people at the service.  That Luke didn’t want to be reminded of the  life he cut short because of the choice he made.  Lucky wonders if it occurred to Luke to ask Lucky if he needed his father there, on the day that he buried his son.  Luke admits it never occurred to him. 

Dante feels Lulu is enabling Luke’s drinking, but she insists alcohol isn’t a problem, that Luke is not a drunk.  Dante gives her a number to find a local AA meeting for family members and explains how he helped enable a cousin who was drinking.  Lulu tells him he has no clue what he’s talking about and storms off.

Jason wonders what Sam thinks of him not going to the service, but tells him she’s not going to judge him.  He’s worried about Micheal throwing his life away.  Abby shows up and lets them know that Michael took off after Brandon with a gun, so Jason takes off after Michael.  Abby worries about Michael, but Sam assures her that Jason will find him.

Michael holds a gun to Brandon, while Brandon pushes his buttons by claiming Abby wants him back, that she’s done with Michael, that she likes being hit.  Jason shows up, tells Brandon to get lost.  Brandon tells him Abby belongs to him and to keep Michael away from him. 

Patrick’s covering for Steven and Lisa offers her help, which surprises Patrick.  Robin shows up, asking Patrick for coffee at Kelly’s so she can discuss something with him, to cement their reconciliation. 

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Luke admits he was a coward but feels there’s no way to hide from what he’s done.  He admits he’s gone over and over that night, to see what he can remember.  Luke claims he never saw Jake and remembers nothing.  Lucky claims it was a blackout, that he’s probably had blackouts in the past.  Luke angrily says he didn’t have a blackout.  Lucky says he’s not condemning his father, he knows that Luke is a man of courage and compassion and he wants to help Luke, but he can’t until Luke faces the truth and admits his drinking affected his driving.  Luke says Lucky can believe that if it will help him get through the grief, but insists he wasn’t drunk. 

Lucky feels Luke thinks he’s immune to alcohol and Luke feels he’s build a tolerance and that Lucky needs to concentrate on his grief and that it takes a lot for him to get drunk.  Lucky says Luke is behaving like a zombie, that a child died and wonders what else it will take to get Luke to admit he’s an alcoholic.  Luke screams that he isn’t an alcoholic and Lulu arrives, telling them both to stop. 

Lulu claims it was an accident and not because Luke was drunk and that Lucky and Luke need to help each other and forgive.  Lucky feels she’s in denial and it’s really clear that Luke was drunk.  Lulu’s upset that she’s lost her nephew and doesn’t want to lose the rest of her family.  Luke says he wishes he hadn’t been on the road that night.  Lucky tells him to take the first step and admit he has a problem. Luke says he won’t lie or dishonour Lucky by saying something he doesn’t believe.   Lulu insists again that Luke wasn’t drunk.  Lucky leaves and Lulu tells her father she loves him, no matter what. 

Lisa stops by Johnny.  They make small talk about the syringe and Johnny feels things worked out well for her.  She calls him an arrogant jerk, but admits he’s the only person who’s been decent to her.  He compares her again to Claudia.  They talk about Liz and her loss.  Johnny admits he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if his treasure hunt had been the cause of the accident.  Lisa feels annoyed that Patrick thinks so little of her that she would have hit a child and kept going.  Lisa gets a call, claims it’s the hospital and takes off.

Patrick meets Robin at Kelly’s.  They discuss the sadness of Jake’s memorial and what Liz is going through.  He wants to move forward in their marriage and Robin admits she’s ready to go to counselling.  Patrick  is surprised and admits they have a lot to work through, namely why he was so self destructive.  Robin’s scared to find out why she wasn’t enough for him.  The two promise to try to work things out.  Lisa watches from the window, until Johnny catches her. 

Michael and Jason get back to the penthouse and Jason wonders why he didn’t call him to deal with Brandon, but Michael says he was dealing with jake and that Brandon is his problem to solve.  Jason begs him to make the right choices, otherwise he’ll end up back in jail.  Sam reminds Michael that no one wants him to go back, but Michael says that Jason has never been powerless and won’t let Abby feel that again.  Jason decides he’s going to do something about Brandon. 

Michael gets back to Abby’s.  She admits she shouldn’t have dropped the charges.  He tells her he will protect her with his life and she asks him to promise to leave Brandon alone. 

Luke dumps out his water glass and takes another drink, as Lucky returns and watches.

Jason gets back home and Sam wonders if he’ll spend the rest of his life cleaning up Michael’s messes and wonders what’s going to change. 

Dante gets to Abby’s place, to let them know that Brandon has been found, shot to death.