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One Life to Live Recap: Heartbreak Hotel

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Viki:  Don’t touch me!  You stink of Echo!  Don’t touch me.

Viki is shaken when she walks in on Charlie and Echo in bed.  She wants to know how Charlie could sleep with the “piece of trash,” Echo suggests she and Viki talk.  Viki lays into Echo for going after what belonged to Viki, but when Echo says Charlie was hers first, Viki points out that Charlie married Viki.  They never set out to hurt Viki, but Viki believes that’s exactly the case, and she slaps Echo, calling her a “pig.” 

Charlie never meant for this to happen, but Viki warned him over and over.  Echo gets a call from Rex, and she has to leave.  Shane is missing, and she wants to ask Charlie to join her, but Viki adamantly denounces that idea. 

Once Echo leaves, Viki realizes Charlie was with Echo before the custody case and immediately after.  She believes his speech was a lie, but Charlie loves her.  She’s sickened to learn the affair started the night of the non-wedding because she left her “heartbroken daughter and two newborns” to search for Charlie, terrified he was drunk or dead.  He reaches out, but she refuses his touch.

James pulls out of the kiss.  He’s with someone and happy; besides, Deanna left him.  They get into it over her nearly doing porn, which she claims was a mistake.  Starr calls to tell him about Jack and James is supportive, but he’s “in the middle of something.”  James thinks Deanna’s in trouble, so he invites her to stay at his apartment.  She’s reluctant, but grateful.

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After confiding in Shaun, Starr enters Todd’s room, telling Blair that Jack is out-of-control.  She details Jack’s reign of terror against Shane, but Blair thinks it’s far-fetched.  Starr thinks Todd being Jack’s hero is detrimental.  Jack’s bullying began months before Todd’s shooting, and she shows Blair the MyFace pages.  They notice Jack has posted a video and they warily hit play. 

Gigi freaks out that Shane’s note is his goodbye after being viciously humiliated.  Rex believes they shouldn’t panic.  Maybe Shane just ran away, and she calls Shane again while Rex calls Bo.  No one is answering, so Rex calls Echo.  After she arrives, they go on Shane’s page and discover the video.  Shane’s family tries to determine where he might have gone, and Echo suggests Shane may have gone to confront Jack. 

Jack and a large group watch the video of Shane with glee until Shane returns to the gym.  He tosses his inhaler at Jack.  Jack thought Shane was dependent on the medication, which he is, but he doesn’t need it anymore.  As Shane walks away, Brad wonders what Shane meant.

Blair is rocked by the extent of Jack’s cruelty.  He arrives, and is a complete brat to Shaun, Blair and Starr.  Gigi calls Blair, asking if Jack knows where Shane is, and Blair forces him to admit that Shane returned to school.  Blair profusely apologizes, but Gigi hangs up.  Blair confronts Jack, who drops the inhaler as he runs into the hall.  She accuses him of lying, but Shane gave him the inhaler, claiming he didn’t need it anymore.  Blair is concerned.

Matthew is furiously texting, and Destiny wonders if he’s watching the video of Shane.  Shane is the last thing on his mind, and when Destiny presses, Matthew snaps at her, but apologizes.  Clint is being arraigned, and Matthew is desperate that he not go to jail.  Destiny heard about the incriminating footage, but Matthew insists it’s not what it seems.  Destiny pleads with Matthew to confide in her, but he can’t talk about it. 

Destiny sees Shane and reveals she was a victim as well.  Kids called her “Density” because of her weight, but it got better.  She assures Shane that he’s talented, and she encourages him to hang in there and see a counselor.  Shane doesn’t think it will help.  Dejected, he climbs the stairs to the roof, and once peers over the edge.

At school, Rex and Gigi run into Destiny, who’s terrified to realize he went into the stairwell that leads to the roof.

Nora calls Clint a bastard for blaming Matthew, but Clint can prove it.  Bo thinks Clint is playing a sick game because Matthew didn’t even know Eddie, but Clint’s attorney arrives with a recorder.  Nora looks sick as she hears a conversation between Clint and Matthew wherein a scared Matthew confesses to having just shot Eddie Ford.  They think the recording was forged, but all calls to B.E. are automatically recorded.  Nora finds Clint’s timing suspect and Bo blasts him for withholding evidence, but believe it or not, Clint was trying to protect them and cover for Matthew.

The judge calls to order Clint’s arraignment while a dazed Bo and Nora hold each other and stare at Clint.  Clint hesitates to submit his plea, but Matthew arrives, Nora withdraws all charges while Bo claims a rush to judgement.  The judge apologizes to Clint while reprimanding Bo and Nora, accusing them of incompetence, and threatening to force them out of their jobs. 

Bo wants the recorder and suggests Clint “celebrate elsewhere.”  Matthew thinks Clint’s release is good news, but Nora tells him to stop.  Heartbroken, she leans on Bo as he tells Matthew they’re going home to talk about “who really killed Eddie Ford.”