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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick is grateful for what he has with Robin and is willing to keep trying to fix their marriage.  Robin wishes Lisa had never come into their lives.  Outside Kelly's, Johnny questions Lisa about following Patrick, but she ignores him and goes inside. She tells Patrick that she’s done the extra work to help Steve at the hospital and ends up being chewed out by Robin.  Johnny defends Lisa and wonders why Scrubs blames her for everything.  Lisa wonders why Johnny defends her. 

Patrick and Robin leave for their marriage counseling session and Lisa wonders where they’re going.  Johnny feels she’s going after Patrick, because it’s safer to go after a guy who doesn’t love her. Johnny adds that Patrick never will love Lisa, since he’s married to another woman.  Johnny admits he’s not the man of her dreams, but he’s available.  She reminds him he’s a professional criminal obsessed with his dead sister.  In turn, Johnny informs Lisa that she’s an unprofessional criminal obsessed with a married doctor.  Johnny tells her they get along and he respects her as a doctor and a woman. She feels their relationship was easier when he was blackmailing her, because she knew the rules. 

Diane is getting Sonny to sign forms and tries to slip in a release allowing Spinelli to use Sonny’s name in his book, but Sonny’s not having any of it.  The two argue about it, until Brenda comes in and accuses Diane of being rude to Sonny.  Diane says Brenda needs to sign the book release as well, and she says no.  Diane insists they sign or she’ll quit.  Sonny reminds her he pays her a fortune and Diane reminds him she puts up with his crap and keeps everyone out of prison.  Once Brenda finds out the book is Spinelli’s, she agrees to sign the release and forces Sonny to do so as well. 

Sam’s worried about Jason and is about to leave to look for him, when Spinelli gets home with his book.  Sam explains her worry, tells Spin about what happened with Michael and is scared Jason killed Brandon.  Maxie shows up, looking for Spinelli to take him to a book signing.  Spin says he can’t, since he wants to help Sam find Jason. However, Sam and Maxie talk him into it and Sam heads out. 

Dante questions Michael about whether he killed Brandon, who was found in Vonn’s parking lot.  Dante insists in order to help Michael; he needs to know what happened. Dante wonders where Michael was, but Abby claims she was with him, until Michael admits he did go to the memorial and to Jason’s.  Dante warns Abby to get her alibi straight; otherwise she will make Michael look guilty.  Abby wonders why Michael was the first suspect because Brandon had a lot of enemies and a lousy temper.  Michael feels whoever shot Brandon was a hero. 

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Kristina runs into JoLisa at Kelly’s and the two girls discuss Kristina’s worries about getting into Yale.  Lisa tells her she’s always available in case Kris needs to vent.  Johnny wonders when the two became so chummy.

Back at his place, Lisa says she misses the blackmail and that she liked the excitement of the treasure hunt.  He asks her again about her relationship with Kristina, but she says she understands the pressure Kristina is under.  Dante shows up to question Johnny, so Lisa leaves.  Johnny’s annoyed that Dante thinks he would kill Brandon in his own parking lot and leave him there.  He tells Dante to focus on protecting Michael.

Abby blames herself for the Brandon mess, but Michael feels he got what he deserved and it took courage for her to start a new life.  She’s worried he’ll be blamed for the murder. He tells her he’s always talking to his therapist about not blaming himself for what Carter did.  Abby tells Michael he needs to get rid of the gun and that Dante will have a conflict of interest and won’t be able to protect Michael.  Michael’s just happy to have her in his life, feeling he’s stronger because of her. 

Abby feels he needs an alibi and it can’t be her, since she was out looking for him (or was she killing Brandon in the parking lot of the strip club?).  She doesn’t want to give a false statement, but Michael dismisses everything, since Diane is such a good lawyer.  Johnny shows up, saying Dante came to see him, and that he’s worried about Michael.  He’s willing to talk to the strip club staff and see what anyone has seen.  He’s willing to help in any way that he can.  Once he’s gone, Michael wonders why Johnny is willing to help him and why Abby hasn’t asked if he actually killed Brandon.

Scrubs gets back to Kelly’s after their counseling session, happy about the results.  They want to go out to dinner, but the babysitter is not available.  Robin asks Kristina if she’s available and when she says yes, they head out.  Lisa watches the whole thing from afar.  Later on, while Kristina’s at Patrick and Robin’s house, Lisa shows up unannounced. 

Dante stops by the penthouse, looking for Jason, but Sam doesn’t know where he is.  He tells her Brandon has been found dead and Jason is the lead suspect.  Dante wonders if because of the Jake thing, Jason got sloppy.

Sonny wonders why Brenda likes Spinelli so much, but she claims he’s a nice kid.  He wonders if she’d love him more if he was in a different profession, but Brenda assures him that she’s made peace with his job.  There’s a knock on the door and it’s Suzanne with a child. Suzanne drops a bombshell when she claims the child is Brenda’s.