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One Life to Live Recap: Crucify

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Shane:  Maybe this would work.  Maybe when I’m just a big splat on the front steps... Maybe then they’ll care!


Austin Williams, please take an extended bow for your heartwrenching performance!

Shane stands at the railing of the roof when Rex and Gigi arrive, terror-stricken.  They freeze when he orders them to not come closer.  They vow to make the bullying stop, but Shane believes suicide is his only solution.  He climbs over the railing as Gigi panics.  Shane tried everything to remove the target from his back, but nothing worked, and he feels the torment will never end.  Gigi freaks out when Shane slips, but he’s okay, and they beg him to confide in them.

He wishes to be happy and normal, but his parents can’t understand because they were popular.  Gigi sympathizes because she was shunned when she got pregnant.  Shane believes he ruined her life, but she emphasizes that the second she saw Shane, she knew she had the greatest gift.  She’s proof that everything can change instantly, and she loves Shane beyond reason.  Rex and Gigi “need more minutes” with Shane, and Rex promises Shane is strong enough to get through this.  They plead with Shane to give them a chance to make things better.

Blair is upset about Jack’s attitude, especially when he thinks her concerns are funny.  Jack maintains that there are “winners and losers” in life, and Shane is a loser.  Blair worries he won’t see the severity before it’s too late.  Jack was the ringleader, and though Jack thinks Todd would support him, Blair insists Todd knows about masterminding trauma, e.g. Marty’s gang rape.  Jack believes she “asked for it.” 

Blair slaps him, and though she’s ashamed, she stands firm, “scared to death” for Jack.  He refuses to listen and shows no remorse, which alarms Blair.  She forces Jack to face serious consequences: interminable grounding, no cell phone or internet, and revocation of his MyFace account.  They leave the hospital with Starr and Hope, and Blair remains disturbed.

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Brody and John butt heads at the station.  Brody believes John is obsessed with punishing him and Natalie, forcing Brody to re-do case summaries and vouching for Marty.  John throws Brody’s history in his face, believing Marty deserves the same chance for redemption Brody’s found. 

Tea drops in on John, badgering him about Todd’s case.  He reveals his suspicions about Tomas and his reasons, but Tea thinks it’s absurd.  She’s intrigued when John mentions Natalie’s on the case.  John refuses a lecture, so Tea reminds him that forever doesn’t exist and he’ll regret wasting time.  She encourages him to go home to Liam, who is his son if he’ll have him.  Alone, John stares at Liam’s sonogram picture.

Tomas tends to his healing wound when Dani knocks on his door.  He opens an envelope containing a picture of Roger Howarth’s Todd and retrieves a painting of his father and a young Tea.  He painted it from memory, and gifts it to Dani. 

She’s happy he’s there, and they bond over their similar reaction to Todd’s history.  He occupies her with stories of his childhood, and reassures her that Todd’s a survivor.  She clings to the fact that Todd even survived a new face.  Tea comes home as Tomas is giving Dani drawing lessons, and Dani excitedly shows her the painting.  Alone, Tomas stares at Todd’s picture.

Starr worries when Hope’s babysitter informs her that Hope was picked up by her grandmother because she knows Blair’s at the hospital.  Hope toddles up to Starr, followed quickly by Marty.  She was released and wanted to see the two of them.  Marty heard about Todd’s shooting, and she knows Todd has a knack for making enemies.  

Marty calls Liam “John and Natalie’s baby,” but Starr corrects her.  Marty claims confusion, and informs Starr that she’s been on a tour to make amends.  Starr forgives Marty, assuring her that she will always be in Hope’s life.  Alone, Marty unearths a copy of Natalie’s paternity test.

Natalie tries to read the newspaper to Liam, but tosses it upon seeing John’s picture, no longer believing in a reunion.  Brody enters the nursery, griping about John being a jerk, and they commiserate over their mutual encounters with John and Marty.  Natalie asks about Clint, upset over his possible murder conviction, but Brody assures her Clint’s tough, just like Natalie.  She’s not so certain, and in comforting her, they share another awkward close moment.

Charlie makes no excuses for his actions, but admits that losing his biological connection to Rex hit him like Jared’s death.  He believes he ended up at Echo’s because of their connection to Rex and Clint playing them both for fools.  He wanted to tell Viki immediately, but after learning her family was in shambles, Charlie couldn’t add his mistakes to her pile. 

Viki wonders if Charlie doesn’t trust her, considering he turns to anyone but her in crisis.  Charlie knows Viki sees the best in him, so he doesn’t want Viki to see him when he’s at his lowest.  Viki’s thankful she’s not at fault.  She lays the blame on Echo for using Charlie, but he reluctantly admits the affair is meaningful.  Viki asks if he loves Echo, and when Charlie is silent, she breaks down and staggers out of the room.