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Farah Fath Goes From Morasco Fiasco to Morasco Fantastico on One Life to Live


What a difference two years and a meaty storyline makes. Back in the summer of 2009, when One Life to Live was in the middle of an utterly asinine love triangle featuring the Morasco sisters, Gigi (Farah Fath) and Stacy (Crystal Hunt) and Rex Balsom (John-Paul Lavoisier), let's just say we weren't too kind about the storyline or acting choices being made.

Fath, a fan favorite since her days in Salem as Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives, took a good bit of the heat for our disappointment in a story that saw Gigi battling a bimbette over a bag of blood and a boy (Shudders at the memory). We realized  the storyline was a dud, but we felt Fath wasn't doing her part to "sell it". Looking back, I don't think Don Draper from Mad Men could have accomplished that particular feat. 

Flash forward to the last few weeks of One Life to live where the Morasco-Balsoms have found themselves in another front burner drama, once again involving their son Shane (Austin Williams). After suffering at the hands of malicious teen bullies for weeks, Shane made the all-too-common decision for tormented teens these days and opted to end his own life. As this story was playing out, however it was Fath who literally came back to life before our eyes, showing what a powerful young actress she is capable of being.

Not to say the other actors in this story haven't done amazing work. Williams has been heartbreaking as he explored the pathos and desperation that ultimately led Shane up on that roof. Lavoisier smartly shed Rex's signature, juvenile facial expressions and quirks to play a very adult and very pissed off dad at a school system that would allow a child to be treated this way. However, in the end, this was a mother's story, and Fath, as a gutted raw Gigi, begging the child she risked everything to bring into the world as a teen mom, not to throw the life she gave him away, was truly awe-inspiring. Good work girl, we knew you had it in you!  Now if we can just work on that baby who plays Jack...

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