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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny and Brenda are shocked at Suzanne’s revelation that Lucian is Brenda’s son (I'm not really in love with the name Lucian, whoever picked that out).  Sonny feels Theo is behind this.  Suzanne admits she lied to protect the boy.  She swears she has no hidden agenda and she just wanted to reunite her grandson with his mother.  Brenda’s still struggling to wrap her head around the whole thing, when Suzanne admits Brenda never had a fever. Suzanne confesses that she gave her drugs to induce labor and a doctor delivered him.  She says Theo was corrupt and would have stopped at nothing to get the baby. In Suzanne's mind, it was the only way to save her grandson. 

Suzanne claims Theo was desperate to find the boy and she didn’t want him growing up into the monster Alexander had become.  Brenda freaks out, screaming at Suzanne that after carrying the baby for seven months Suzanne let her believe the baby had died and took him from her.  Sonny brings up Theo again, and Suzanne says he’s dead, that their marriage was over years ago. She brought Lucian to Brenda, once she knew it was safe. 

Suzanne says Theo would have never let Brenda live if he’d known she was pregnant. After losing Alexander, Suzanna wanted to save her grandchild.  Brenda wonders about the adoptive parents, but Suzanne says Theo killed them.  Brenda wonders how she’s supposed to make everything okay for a child who doesn’t know her.  Sonny tells Brenda to check out all the facts before accepting this.  Suzanne gives them his birth certificate and adoption papers and says she’ll be staying at the Metro Court if Brenda wants to spend time with the boy.  Brenda tells her she’s not taking the child away and to get out.

Lisa gives Kristina a book about relieving stress and Kristina wonders how she knew where to find her.  Lisa lies and says she asked the waitress at Kelly’s, who had overheard the babysitting plan.  Kris talks about the pressures of getting into Yale and her mother’s disappointment if she doesn’t.  Lisa brings up the cheating and how she’s sorry she did it, because she lost a friendship and bitches about the evil Robin. Before leaving, Lisa asks Kris not to say she’d been there.  She accidentally (on purpose?) drops her earring before she leaves. 

Abby feels Michael will tell her the truth when he’s ready, but he admits he didn’t kill Brandon, even though he wanted to.  Abby admits if it had been him, she would have kept it a secret.  Michael feels Jason did it to protect him, but isn’t worried about the police proving it, since Jason’s too smart to get caught.

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Jason gets home to find Dante waiting for him.  Sam immediately tells him to call Diane and Jason is shocked to hear that Brandon has been shot.  Dante accuses him of killing Brandon to protect Michael and to prevent him from doing it.  Dante argues that this will reinforce Michael’s feelings that the mob equals power and Jason should discourage it. 

Once Dante leaves, Sam complains about Dante, but Jason understands that he’s trying to protect Michael and he hasn’t set the best example.  Sam reminds him that Michael is an adult that needs to make his own mistakes and learn from them.  Jason feels he has to protect Michael and Sam realizes that Jason thinks Michael did it.  Sam’s worried Jason will do something to end up back in prison. 

Robin and Patrick return to Kelly’s after the counseling session. Johnny drops by and Patrick questions why he isn’t with Lisa.  Johnny accuses Patrick of showing too much interest in Lisa and that Robin won’t be as forgiving the second time around.  Patrick accuses Johnny of playing sick games, pitting Lisa against Robin.  Patrick reminds him Lisa doesn’t care who she hurts.

When Scrubs gets home and relieves Kristina, she lets them know she’s often free and willing to babysit before heading out.  Robin and Patrick discuss Jolivia, and Patrick hates that Lisa has come between them. Robin doesn’t want to give Lisa anymore power and they need to focus on their family and their relationship.  Robin heads off to the bedroom.  Patrick locks up and finds the earring.  Before he has a chance to ask Robin if it’s hers, Kristina returns for a book she left behind.  He asks her about the earring and she lies, and says it’s hers.  Robin comes back looking for Patrick and the two head up to the bedroom together. 

Brenda’s bonding with Lucian, while Sonny watches unhappily.

Lisa shows up at Johnny's and he wonders why she took off when Dante showed up.  He jokingly wonders if she shot Brandon and she jokes back that Mac and staff are probably ready to shoot her on sight, all because of Robin.  They start to make out, but he gets a call, so she heads into another room.  The call is from Papa Z, and Johnny assures him that he’s found a unique situation for leverage against Sonny.  I guess we have ourselves a shooter.

Dante meets with Abby, but warns her not to say anything incriminating.  Abby assures him that Michael didn’t kill Brandon, so Dante’s back to blaming Jason.  Abby mentions Johnny’s assurance that he would question the strip club staff, which makes Dante suspicious.  Abby explains that Johnny has been helping her and takes care of the strip club staff, but Dante wonders what he wants in return.  She says she’s not interested in Johnny and he figures Johnny is after something. 

Michael meets with Jason and understands that Jason took care of the problem.  Jason admits he didn’t kill Brandon and thought Michael had, but he denies it as well.  Michael feels the problem will go away, but Jason knows the DA will try to make a case against either of them. Jason needs to find who killed Brandon before it’s pinned on he or Michael.