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One Life to Live Recap: Me and a Gun

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Matthew:  It was like nothing happened.  I just went on with my life.  I went to school, I came home... it really was like nothing happened, like I hadn’t killed someone.  I killed someone, Mom.

This one’s a long one, but first, major kudos go to Eddie Alderson and, again, Austin Williams.  Also, not to be overlooked, runners-up include Erika Slezak, Hillary B. Smith, and Robert S. Woods.

Matthew is unnerved by Bo and Nora’s silence as they return home.  Bo plays the recording, and Matthew admits to making the call after killing Eddie.  Nora barrages him with questions, but Bo wants Matthew to tell his story from the beginning.  Matthew went looking for Bo after Clint told him of the infidelity, and after being upset by Bo and Inez, Matthew nearly got into an accident.  Nora realizes Matthew was driving the car that almost hit her and Rex.  She reassures him, but he’s upset that he could’ve killed them.

Shaken, he pulled over at the Minuteman and heard a gunshot.  He went to offer help and bumped into Eddie, who dropped Nora’s phone.  Matthew noticed Bo and Nora’s wedding picture, and in realizing Eddie was the man, to whom he spoke, demanded to know where his mother was.  He was furious over the binds on the chair, but Eddie taunted that he only did what Nora “begged for.”  Matthew dumped Eddie’s bag, picked up the gun, and promised he was a dead man if he hurt Nora. 

Eddie baited Matthew; revealing he was Inez’s ex, but insisted he didn’t know where Nora was, save for perhaps “a whorehouse.”  He taunted that neither Matthew nor his parents were special.  Eddie screamed that Matthew wouldn’t shoot him, just as Matthew blindly pulled the trigger.  Horrified, he dropped the gun and got sick.  He called Clint, who calmly assessed the situation, and directed Matthew, who cried in his arms, to go home and keep everything a secret. 

Matthew’s overcome by the fact that he killed someone, and Nora tearfully scoops him into her arms.  She believes the shooting is Clint’s fault, but Matthew insists he’s the guilty party.  He wonders what comes next, but that can wait until tomorrow.  After he goes to his room, Bo catches a sobbing Nora as she collapses, and they cling to each other.

Natalie is surprised when Clint drops by the nursery, but informs her that Nora dropped the charges because there’s no case.  She’s skeptical, but Clint says Bo has another suspect.  He wants to spend time with his grandsons, and Natalie wonders if that includes Shane.  Per Clint, “Shane doesn’t count,” and Natalie is offended.  His own grandson gets less of Clint than his nephew, who he hurt by going after Bo and Nora. 

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Clint changes the subject to John, and Natalie says he’s involved with Kelly, which displeases her, but she knows she deserves John’s anger.  People do crazy things when the rug is ripped out from under them, which she suspects is what fueled Clint.  He believes he protected Bo and Nora, and Natalie wonders how.  He recalls retrieving his money and making a call about cleaning up Eddie’s murder, but only tells Natalie that it doesn’t matter. 

He picks up Liam, telling him he has no reason to fuss because he’s dry, rich, fed, and has the “best mommy.”  Natalie is surprised, but Clint has no room to judge and vows his statement stands.  She breaks out pictures, still seeing John in Liam’s face. 

Shane reaches out, takes Rex’s hand, and Rex pulls him over the railing.  The family collapses to ground, holding each other.  Inside, the vice principal asks Destiny if she knows the origins of the video, and she tells him everything.  He questions Brad, who feigns ignorance.  Rex, Gigi, and Shane walk by, and the administrator reprimands Shane for being in the stairwell. 

Rex lays into him about not monitoring vicious students, and he loses it when the vice principal refers to the video as “a mishap.”  Shane orders Rex to stop, but Rex is furious about the allowance of MyFace and cell phones during school hours.  He grows litigious, but he’s not “distressed,” he’s “disgusted.”

Shane is upset, as Destiny realizes he was just saved from a suicide attempt.  Gigi naively wants to go home, but Rex believes they must go to the hospital.  They can’t pretend Shane’s fine, and all three need counseling.  Shane resists, embarrassed, but Rex promises Shane has no reason to be ashamed. He reminds him of his promise to take a chance.

At the hospital, Shaun comforts Destiny, who’s shaken by the events at school.  She decides to clue in Matthew, and Shaun is happy they have each other.  She’s grateful she has Shaun.

Blair orders Jack to remove the video from MyFace, but Starr knows the damage is done.  Jack whines that Blair is being unfair, but he’s lucky she’s not sending him to military school or jail.  Jack turns on Starr, mocking her about getting pregnant in high school.  Blair and Starr refuse to allow Jack to pass the buck; the bullying is all on him. 

Jack rolls his eyes, acting as though Blair is “the bad guy.”  He goes to his room before Blair can “hit [him] again.”  Blair beats herself up; she’s the adult who is supposed to keep a cool head, but Jack’s comment threw her for a loop.  Starr supports Blair’s response, but Blair thinks the strike made her no better than a bully.

Viki visits Todd, but panics when he’s gone.  He’s having a routine MRI, but Tea senses Viki’s distress.  Viki breaks down, confessing everything about Charlie and Echo.  She was blind-sided and she lost it, slapping Echo.  Viki is heartbroken the affair wasn’t meaningless, and she feels stupid for allowing Echo “twenty-four hour access” to Charlie.  She feels like a burden, but Tea isn’t having it. 

For all Viki does for others, comfort is the least Tea can do.  Viki returns the concern, and Tea promises she’s coping.  She thinks it’s good Todd’s unconscious, because he would kill Charlie.  He may not be “much of a talker,” but Todd loves Viki, who deserves better.  Tea embraces Viki, who sobs on her shoulder. 

Viki, the strongest woman Tea knows, feels better, calm, but livid and looking to confront Echo.  Tea jokes that Viki needs to put some shoulder into her slaps, and Viki laughs.  Shaun brings Tea a “juice box and fruit snacks,” and they bond as he offers the same comfort Tea gave Viki.