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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny watches as Brenda plays cars with Lucian.  She’s thrilled Sonny still had all of Morgan’s old toys, but feels Lucian needs new stuff and is planning on taking him to Kelly’s.  Sonny refuses to allow that to happen, saying they need to be careful and that he must rearrange his bodyguards to give her one now.  Brenda feels Lucian has been through a lot and needs love and assurance. She informs Sonny she has no intention of letting bodyguards raise her child. She reminds Sonny that a mob father and bodyguards raised Alexander and everyone knows how he turned out.  She feels she needs to make up for lost time.  Sonny just wants everyone protected. 

Lucky’s determined to get back to work, but Nikolas tells him work won’t lessen his pain, because it will catch up to him.  Lucky says the pain is there all the time and Cam, Aiden and Spencer will all grow up and make life choices, but there will always be a space where Jake should be.  He’s still angry that he promised to protect Jake and was supposed to have him that night, but failed his son.  Nikolas tells him that if Lucky ever reaches for the bottle, to call him first and give him the opportunity to help.  Lucky says he realized that life is too short and that Nikolas will always be his brother. Lucky says he will always love him.  The two share a hug.

Carly stops by Jason’s and admits that she doesn’t want to smother him.  Jason tells her about Michael and Brandon. She wants to deal with it personally and let Jason mourn Jake.  Jason wants to find the killer, even though Carly suggests letting Dante to his job.  Jason feels he needs to focus on Michael, because the pain is too much due to his inability to keep Jake safe.  Carly assures him that he wanted Jake to have a normal life, so he gave him up. Carly tells Jason that he did right by his son.

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Ethan shows up and Luke wonders where he’s been.  Apparently, he and Maya were in Vegas and couldn’t be bothered returning when the poop hit the fan.  Ethan says he heard about the accident and figures he should have been there.  Luke claims Lucky is being judgmental and explains the events of that night.  He swears he didn’t see, feel, or hear Jake and that Lucky thinks he was drunk, but he swears he wasn’t impaired.  Ethan claims it was a tragic accident and Lucky is not thinking clearly.  Luke feels hating the booze and not his father is what is helping Lucky deal with this.  Luke feels he’s lived a charmed life, but that his luck would eventually run out, and it did. However, he had no idea Jake would pay the price. 

Jason meets with Sonny, who tells him they need to shift personnel and explains about Lucian.  Jason asks if he trusts Suzanne and Sonny replies that he doesn’t.  Sonny talks about raising kids in their lifestyle and Jason snaps about Jake, but apologizes.

Carly stops by Lucky’s and tells him how well Josslyn is doing. She goes on to say that she's humbled and grateful that he talked Liz into the transplant that saved Joss.  Carly realizes that she’s never done anything for Lucky, yet she owes him the biggest debt and offers to do anything for him, anytime.  Lucky apologizes for ranting about her when he thought she was the driver.  She admits she’s been pretty selfish in her life, but she understands Luke and tells him his father needs him. Carly thinks Lucky should reach out to Luke to ease his pain.

Carly drops by to see Sonny and finds Brenda playing with Lucian. She is shocked when Brenda admits he’s her son.  Brenda snaps at the guards for giving the boy too much candy, but Carly defends Max and Milo.  Brenda claims she’s going to raise her child and Carly feels she’ll make a terrible mother.

Sam’s investigating Brandon’s death and gives Jason an update.  She’s shocked to hear about Lucian.  Jason feels the need to protect the boy, since he had no security for Jake.  He says he can’t stop thinking about Jake, and Sam tries to comfort him. She assures him that Jake didn’t die because of anything Jason did or didn’t do. 

Sonny stops by to see Lucky and offers his condolences.  He says he has some idea of what Lucky is going through, because after Michael was shot, he wanted to take out the man that did it.  Lucky reminds him that he did, but that he can’t do that, since it was Luke.  Lucky says he can’t help Luke; he can’t watch his father drink through the grief.  Lucky can’t pretend alcohol was not a factor and is afraid for his father. Lucky asks Sonny to help Luke. 

Luke starts destroying the Star, starting with the bottles of liquor, when Nikolas shows up.