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One Life to Live Recap: Mother Mother

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Nora:  He must’ve locked the door... after I left!  Oh my God, Bo!  I left! … No, it’s not okay!  For God’s sake, it’s not okay!  My son was in pain, and I left him!  I ran away!  Oh my God, what kind of a mother does that?!  What kind of a mother abandons her own child when he needs her the most?!

Mother’s Day came early: Farah FathKassie DePaiva, and Hillary B. Smith all rocked a mother’s heartbreak, devastation, and helplessness.  And I’d be remiss not to include a special (surprising) shout-out for John-Paul Lavoisier who was quite affecting.  Again, the OLTL cast slays!

Bo and Nora know Clint is responsible, but Matthew is the one facing the consequences, and Nora has no idea what to do.  She can’t bear the thought of Matthew’s life being over, and though Bo is being sane and logical, she feels trapped in a parallel universe.  Bo wishes he could go back in time, but when Nora wants him to ease her fears, he regrettably can’t. 

Destiny arrives, shaken, and she clues them in to Shane’s tragedy.  Nora comforts Destiny as Bo calls Rex, who can’t talk.  Nora tells Bo to go see Rex.  Destiny wanted to spend time with Matthew because he’s “one of the good guys”; Nora used to think so.  Destiny’s a good friend to Matthew and Shane, and she wonders if Destiny has noticed changes in Matthew.  Nothing alarming, and Nora asks her to forever be in Matthew’s corner.

At the hospital, Rex stays with an agitated Shane, reassuring him they’re doing the right thing, as Gigi handles the admission.  She’s fumbles with her insurance, unsure if it’s still active, as the nurse asks about Shane’s “injuries.”  Gigi promises her son’s fine, confusing the nurse.  The trauma slowly sinks in as Gigi comes to horrifyingly admit her son tried to kill himself. 

In the room, Shane is frightened and cradling his knees as the doctor questions Rex and Gigi.  She performs a basic exam, as Rex steps into the hallway.  Shane recounts his torment, disheartened to note his bullies thought it was funny.

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Rex is surprised but touched when Bo arrives.  Rex wishes he could make everything go away, but Bo believes he can’t hide.  Rex doesn’t know how they got to that point, how with one misstep, Shane could’ve become nothing but a memory.  He berates himself for not seeing his child was in a “cold sweat” for months, but he tries to pull it together.  Bo promises Rex has a moment to grieve, and he breaks down on Bo’s shoulder.  The case is closed on their issues, and just as Shane will lean on his father, Rex can do the same with Bo. 

Bo returns home, informing Destiny that Shane is fine, but he gives Nora the harsh truth.  Shane was on the ledge, and Nora drops to the bed, aching mother-to-mother.  Suddenly, she sits up, remembering the missing piece of her memory.  She rambles as she gathers her thoughts: she opened the door to Matthew, looking so little and lost, sitting beside Eddie’s body.  Bo thinks the door was locked when Clint arrived, and Nora figures Matthew locked it after she left. 

Nora is sickened to realize she left her child in his time of need, but Bo promises she’s a great mother.  Clint is at fault, but it was Clint whom Matthew called while Nora left him behind.  Bo maintains she was traumatized and confused, and he draws a parallel between them and Rex and Gigi, getting Nora to admit they’re not to blame for Shane’s suicide attempt.  As Bo gathers Nora in his arms, all he knows right now is that they need to love Matthew unconditionally.

At his apartment, James and Deanna argue about their breakup.  There’s more to her story, but James doesn’t want to hear it because he loves Starr.  He explains the current sleeping arrangements, and tells a disappointed Deanna she can have his bed while he’ll take the floor.

Blair decides to call Gigi.  Starr is skeptical, but Blair will take responsibility even if Jack won’t.  Blair’s call is ignored, so Starr helps her delete Jack’s MyFace account.  Starr feels guilty; she’s on MyFace, and she virtually ignored Jack’s posts.  Blair’s biggest concern is Jack doesn’t know or care that what he did was wrong; which is worse?  Starr thinks he’ll eventually learn as Starr has in the past.  Blair deems her the wisest one of all, and embraces her supportive daughter. 

Jack slips out the front door to Brad, who tells him Shane’s parents know everything, but Jack isn’t worried.  Shane was on the roof, and Jack is slow to realize the meaning.  Blair overhears and throws open the door, ordering Brad to leave.  Jack will to apologize to Shane, but he blows her off, purposefully bumping into Blair’s shoulder as he storms inside. 

Blair wishes Todd were around because he and Jack share a special connection.  She can’t raise the kids by herself, and she divines herself a bad parent.  Starr reminds Blair of her motherly advice: love your children unconditionally, which is exactly what a touched Blair does.

Viki arrives at the carriage house with concern for Shane, but Echo hasn’t heard anything.  As soon as Shane is home, Viki wants Echo off her property forever.  She trashes Echo’s claims of family values, calling her a “devious, selfish whore.”  Echo maintains she didn’t set out to hurt Viki, but Viki knows she’s a user who succeeded in decimating Viki’s life. 

When Echo claims she and Charlie bonded over losing a child, Viki roars.  Viki and Charlie genuinely lost children, while Echo threw hers away.  Echo turns on Viki, claiming to be flawed unlike perfect Victoria, but taunting that Charlie chose her.  Viki promises this is the last conversation they’ll have, not wanting to ever again lay eyes on Echo’s lying face.

The doctor gives Rex and Gigi pamphlets and Shane her card.  He’s on suicide watch for the next twenty-four hours, but able to leave.  Back at the carriage house, Echo promises they will get through this as a family.  Gigi emerges from the bathroom with a bag full of hazardous items from the medicine cabinet.  Rex holds her as she tearfully beats herself up for no longer seeing or knowing her son.