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The Perils of Sharon Continue on Young and Restless

Soap opera's hottest mess, Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman (Sharon Case) has found herself in another pickle on The Young and the Restless. This time the perennially-in-distress damsel finds herself on the lam, following being convicted of murdering Skye. You remember Skye? She fell into a volcano. (Well I had a little talk with Jesus, told him all about my troubles...)


Check out the latest edition of CBS Soaps In Depth for all the scoop on Sharon's latest shenanigans (see teaser blurb below), including overpowering a prison marm to bust out of the clink, before deciding she looks better as a brunette. Also, remember, if you're going to get into an argument with someone who faked their death to frame your lover/babynapper, you have to be extra careful around the mouths of live volcanoes! Otherwise, you too could wind up on trial for murder in a Wisconsin town, thousands of miles away from where the clumsy heffa you were arguing with became one with the lava. What? It could happen.

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Having been convicted of Skye’s murder, THE YOUNG & THE RESTELSS’ Sharon is on the run — and completely terrified! Worse, when the fugitive fears that not even a new hair color and identity can keep her hidden from the police, she quickly reaches the end of her rope!

Only Soaps In Depth has all the details on Sharon’s plight! Plus, find out what life lessons you can learn from the fine folks in Genoa City, and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Rick Hearst (Whip) takes us behind the scenes as he directs more than 200 youngsters in a production of Peter Pan! We’ve also rounded up some of the loveliest ladies from CBS Daytime to share their beauty tips, and discover just how similar The Real Housewives Of Soapville are to their primetime counterparts. It’s all in the new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth, on sale now!